Shenzhen Dapeng Anju Dongwan Peninsula Garden 511 sets to start pre-allocation

Original title: Talent Housing Rental New Citizens and Young People Recently, Shenzhen Talents Anju Group Shenzhen Dapeng Talent Anju Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Housing Rental Operation Company Joint Dapeng New District Housing and Construction Bureau, in Dapeng Talent The hall has organized a rental activities of public housing in the Peninsula Plan of Anju East Bay, 511 public housing will pre-allocate new district new citizens and young people.

  The live shot, VR-viewed room, etc. in this competition site, and the applicant can see the room system to see the listing system at any time without the need to see the room on site, so that Housing service is warmer.

  The Anju East Bay Peninsula is located in the east side of Jindai East Road, Dapeng New District. It is a public housing project that Dapeng Talent Habitan Co., Ltd. is about to be completed in 2021, with a total of 1190 public housing. This first time, the new citizen in Dapeng New District, the leading rental of young people, the first batch of 511 sets, including 38 square meters, 82 square meters, 92-99 square meters, two rooms, three rooms Such a variety of apartment, can fully meet the actual needs of different groups. The rent price is 50% of the market price, and the rent is based on the rent per square meter per month.

  It is understood that the new citizens, young people are applicants in this orientation, no account and academic restrictions, only to meet the following conditions: Applicants have been registered with business registration or tax registration in the new district Sign a full-time labor contract, and it is normal; if the applicant and its spouses apply, there is no form of housing security in this city, including low-rent housing, public rental housing, rental monetary subsidies such as preferential housing policy. Applicants and their spouses, minors do not have any form of own housing in this city (including housing construction land).

  The project is delivered for delivery and this selection rental activity. It is one of the achievements of Dapeng Talents Anju Co., Ltd. effectively to relieve new citizens, young people’s housing difficulties and "I am doing practical things for the masses". Further reduce the applicant’s rental costs, effectively help some new citizens and young people to solve the problem of housing, strengthen their identity, belonging and feeling of Shenzhen, and help new districts better introduce, safeguards and retain talents. After the end of this orientation, the remaining listings will take a normalized manner according to the actual needs of the new district, and continuously perform the rent. It is reported that Since its establishment, Dapeng Talents Anju Co., Ltd. has been prepared for more than 8,000 sets of talent housing. It supplies more than 800 sets of houses, and serves more than 3,000 talents in the new district. positive effects. (Reporter Yang Liping correspondent Wang Yao Yu Fu Wenting) (Editor: Chen Yuzhu, Li Lang) Sharing let more people see.

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