The national football team is worthy of affirmation, there is still a lot of problems.

Original title: The national football team is worthy of affirmation problems, there is still a lot of 3 to 3 to the Saudi team, Chinese men are enough to 4 battles 1 win 3 or 3 points 3 points, the results of the world, the 5th place in the Asian region .

The 12-strong race is close to half, and there is a lot of problems in national football exposure. In the early morning of the 13th, the opponent’s strength was better than the competition. In the first half, the Saudi team’s Naji is two goals in the first half, while the national football has only one shot. The second half is prone to fight again. When the team is behind, Li Tie will strengthen the attack on all the two entangled players in Alan and Luo Guo Fu, which is the effect.

If the two are in less than 1 minute, they cooperate with the break, and the national football is 1 to 2. Although the Saudi team will once again expand the score to 3 to 1 after 28 minutes, the state has never given up, and it will be lost to the Saudi team at 2 to 3 before the final. After the game, Li Tie said that the players are very satisfied: "When the first half, when the 1st is behind, all players are working hard.

We lost two, chase one; lost three, recovered two, and finally recovered the third one, I am very satisfied with the performance of the players. "The players are worthy of affirmation, but they cannot cover all the problems exposed in the game.

The Saudi Sand, the top three rounds of victory, there is no mistake in the direction of the defensive direction, but the national football seems to be a bit more. The first is the formation, the national football is used in the starting lineup, which makes the team when the team is in the face of the high level of the Saudi team and the rhythm. After the competition entered the second half, the national football returned to 4 guards, and the situation was significantly improved. In the first half, the national football and the Saudi shoot ratio of 1 to 8, the second half became 7 to 7; in the number of radios, the first half of the Saudi team leaded by 2 to 1, the second half of the national footholds handed over 4 Good grades than 1. This shows that throughout the second half, the national football is not only more fierce, but also effectively curbs the offensive of the opponent.

  Secondly, it is used by the group.

In the first shipment of the Saudi team, the coach Li Tie was only sent to Jiang Guangtai’s nominal player. But from the process of the game, the second half of Alan, Luo Guofeng and Axson have played a lot after the game, and the overall offense of the national football is much better than the first half.

Among them, Luo Guofu is the first time I touch the ball to help the country get the goal. The 12 context is close to half. There are 9 balls in 4 games, and there is a problem between 5 balls, lines and offensive. How to adjust the next half, will be a key topic of the coaching group.

(Beijing Daily Reporter Li Li) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

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