Shanxi deploys the safety risk assessment of dangerous management enterprises

People’s Network Taiyuan November 17 (Mahi) Today, from the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Office, the department has issued a notice to urge all finished oil depots, and the dangerous management enterprises with dangerous chemical storage tanks do a good job in safety risk assessment. Discover the rectification of problem hidden dangers. According to the notice requirements, each finished oil depot, the dangerous business enterprises with dangerous chemical storage tanks should improve the "one library one policy" rectification plan, and effectively implement the subject’s responsibility, before November 30, 2021, complete the major process equipment Hidden dangers in the change. Where the gas test, the video surveillance system does not meet the requirements. Before November 30, it is necessary to complete the rectification; if emergency cut, the lightning warning system does not meet the requirements or unquestied, before November 30, the renovation plan is completed, in principle, 2022 6 Before the 30th, I have to complete the rectification; the company is insufficient to external security, it is necessary to control the "Dangerous Chemical Production Apparatus and Safety Protection Distance Determination Method", before November 30, 2021, formulated the rectification plan, according to the time node Control measures such as quantity, deactivation facilities, relocation transfer; enterprises in the spacing of tanks, firewers, November 30, before enterprises to entrust technical institutions to carry out fire explosion risk assessments, and implement corresponding risk management measures based on the assessment conclusions.

China Petrochemical, PetroChina, China Agricultural Oil and other central enterprises, to establish the problem of hidden dangers of this system, clearly assign, supervise, verification, sales number and other work procedures, strictly in accordance with rectification task time nodes, urgently cut off system, lightning warning system, etc. If the approval is arranged, it is necessary to give support to ensure that the rectification is in place.

The supervision departments at all levels have evaluated the high-risk risk level, and it is necessary to listed as a key controlled object, to increase the frequency of law enforcement check; the depth assessment is a medium-low-risk level, to carry out major hazards regularly Supervise and inspect, promote the company’s continuous improvement of safety management levels, and reduce safety risk levels.

If the company has not taken measures to eliminate the hidden dangers, it is ordered to eliminate it immediately or eliminate within a limited period. If it is penalized according to law; if the rectification is not completely or refused to rectify, it shall be ordered to suspend business and rectify, and the upper limit shall be prevented according to law.

It is understood that Shanxi will vigorously promote the integration of "industrial Internet + hazardous production" integration, select tree benchmark enterprises to carry out special operations, intelligent inspection, personnel positioning system pilot construction, carry out two-needle system construction, and fully use information intelligence Pipe control technology, continuously enhance the provincial finished oil depot, and the safety management level of dangerous management of chemical storage tanks.

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