The Dejiang County Justice Bureau held the 2020 Judicial Administration Work Conference

According to the Deliang County People’s Government Network News, the county judicial administrative work conference was held in the Deli County Justice Bureau, the Secretary of the Judicial Bureau, and the director Cao Yonghua, gave a summary of the 2019 judicial administration, arrange Deployed 2020 Judicial administration.

The meeting was hosted by deputy director Chen Qifang.

The meeting conducted a spirit of the spirit of the Central, Provincial, Municipal Law, the spirit of the National Justice (Bureau), the spirit of the province’s judicial administrative work, the spirit of the city’s judicial administration, and arranged the business of judicial administration deploy. The meeting requests, to grasp the party to build a new image, create a new image of judicial administration, adhere to the party’s absolute leadership of judicial administration, adhere to political leadership, and carry out the "unforgettable initiative, remember the mission" theme education, carry forward "loyalty, For the people, the Method, the Defense, the "De River Judicial Administrative spirit" strives to be a qualified judicial administrator; to change the ideology to ensure the style of the style, forge the iron-blood judicial administration, adhere to the institutionalization, standardization, professional construction, and further strengthen cadres Management, improve the agency style, improve the performance of the agency, improve the execution of judicial administration, enhance the satisfaction of the mass "Table of the four machines"; to break through the key to grasp the task, build a new characteristics of judicial administration, adhere to the people’s initial heart, the mission mission, pay attention to the co-ordination planning, and the county party committee government staff assistant, and the overall promotion is comprehensive according to the rule of law, creating a good job The county rule of law environment, strengthen administrative law enforcement supervision, improve the management ability of law, and create a good rule of law government building environment, enhance public legal service system construction, and strive to meet the needs of the people to legal, and create a good judicial administration for the people service environment, build The construction of the social governance system of Fung Kiki, promoting the modernization of the county social governance, and creates a good social environment for the construction of Ping An Dejiang.

The meeting emphasized that 2020 is the year of the opening of the reform of the judicial administrative work. It is the year of the "Thirteen" planning. It is the summary of the "Seventy-five" law planning, which is the year of the decline in the decline. The county’s judicial administration should focus on vigorous improvement of institutional implementation strength and governance ability, based on the judicial administration "a co-ordination, four functions", adhere to the people-oriented thinking, adhere to the total tuning of work, adhere to the reform and innovation New requirements, speed up the revolutionization, formalization, specialization, professionalization of the judicial administrative team, to build a new look, create new meteorological meteorological meteorology of the county, for the new era of Northeast China, China Sexual central city construction makes greater contributions.

The conference also conducted a study on the superior decentralization and the spirit of the conference, and arranged deployment of the "Ching Ming Festival" holiday in the holiday period, safety production. 40 members of the bureau members, director of the judicial office, and the heads of the county bureaus all departments and other 40 people participated in the meeting.

(Dejiang County Judicial Bureau Su Guijuan) (Editor: Yulin, Chen Kangqing).

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