Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station entered from 9, and the operation time is extended.

Modern Express News (correspondent Xu Wenfeng Lu Ping reporter Liu Weijuan) November 1st The upgrade of the file is not only the number of banks, but also more sighful disinfection, longer operating hours, and more comfortable and safer, more secure.

△ Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station entered the Bohang Lizhong, it is reported that the railway arrives at passengers from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) to select a variety of transportation methods such as subway, bus, requires outbound transitions, and the shortening is long. In order to provide a faster urban transportation service to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the railway collaborative relevant departments open into the bus. Passengers can travel free from November 1st to 10th, and the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) can be reached for the fastest 6 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

Travelers going to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) As long as the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station arrives at the 6 railway exits of the business district, you can ride.

Jinba Jinxuan route starts from the North Channel of Hongqiao Pivate, Jinghong Bridge Day underground Shenquan, Xinjun Center, and finally arrived at the National Convention and Exhibition Center, the line is about to about km.

Different from previous years, this year, Jinba-strait operation vehicles increased from 6 last year to 9. 21 drivers equipped by party members, members, the average age 29, after professional training assessment, showing the identity, and focusing on the streaming of the party members "into the Pioneer service line", earnestly, doing things, do practical things, Focus on urban temperature. In the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, the Bo-strait transportation department will do a good deeds from strictness, from stricting attitudes.

The protective mask is provided free of charge with disinfection alcohol, all the passengers of all passengers are sitting, and the passengers are strictly implemented in the "epidemic prevention three-step", that is, the body temperature, view health code Hand disinfection, and remind passengers wear masks throughout the process. The passenger is also disinfecting every trip of the vehicle and prevents the vehicle to prevent disinfection. In order to provide passengers with service guarantees, throughout the traffic time is from 8:00 to 22 in previous years, the first train arriving at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is basically 7:00 to 24. The train runs time, let the passengers arriving later can also travel.

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