The whole man’s 100 meters preliminaries Su Bingti second advanced level Chen Guanfeng ranked first

CCTV News: Beijing time on September 20th, the 14th National Frank track and field competition in Xi’an Olympics, ended the men’s 100m preliminaries. Asian record holder, Guangdong player Su Bingti first, the first, the first, the total ranked second entry. Guangdong player Chen Guanfeng’s 100m in the first full welcome man in 10 seconds: Su Bingtian ranked second promotion first group Guangdong player Chen Guan Feng 10 seconds 22 easy first, Sichuan player He Yong 10 seconds 30 second.

The second group of last champions, Zhejiang Name Xie Zhenye appeared.

He also didn’t use it, it was significantly reduced before the end point, and Guangdong Xiaoyuan is a group first, Xie Zhenqing 10 seconds 40 seconds. The third group of Sichuan players Deng Zhiwave 10 seconds 40, Tokyo Olympic entrance country hand, Hubei Wu Zhiqiang 10 seconds 45 second.

The fourth group of Su Bingtian appeared.

This group only has six people in the competition, and Su Bing took the end of the line, but the first, Jiangsu player Yang Yang in the 10 seconds, 34 groups in the first, 34 groups of 34 columns. (Editor: Sun Qihao).

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