The live broadcast of the Dawan District, how to "cannon" into "get rich"

  Brief introduction: Huasheng is known as "China’s Township", and the monotheonhong is unique, and it is a cultural medicine in Guangdong. The city has nearly 110,000 mu, with 50,000 tons of fresh fruit, the series of products with orange red, has more than 60 kinds of products, and the orange red becomes the "shake money tree" and "rich fruit" of local farmers. Drive nearly 30 Wan farmers are engaged in the orange industry, and the total output value of the whole industry is more than 3 billion yuan. Guangdong Province is known as "China’s Orange Red Township", and the monotrystan red Rhizhou is unique, and it is a Chinese herbal medicine in Guangdong.

The picture shows aerial plants.

Xinhuanet issued (Huang Zhen photographed) Huazhong City, the city’s orange planting area is nearly 110,000 mu. The picture shows aerial plants. Xinhua Net (Huang Zhen photographed) tangerine red fruit is mature.

Xinhuanet issued (Huang Zhen photographed) tangerine and brought nearly 300,000 farmers to engage in orange-red industries. The picture shows the farmer in picking fresh fruits. Xinhuanet issued (Huang Zhenjing) tangerine red was made from a standardized process process such as picking, cleaning, baking, out of the package.

Xinhua Net (Huang Zhen Photo) has been processed and "cannon", and has the effects of cough and sputum, spleen digestion. Xinhua Net (photo of Huang Zhen).

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