South Korea organizes urban air traffic test flight activities

The aircraft is vertical.

People’s Network Yang Fan took the same time at the same time last year, the Seoul Municipal Government also launched the "air taxi" unmanned fly in Yeouido. At that time, it was an automatic driving aircraft developed by Chinese companies. Compared with last year, this year’s test fly is the theme of "opening the city sky", aims to focus on how the emerging urban air transportation system and traditional airports can coordinate linkage, integration, and build a more green and efficient urban transportation network.

According to the United Nations data, it is expected that by 2050, the world’s urban population will account for 68% of the total population.

With the continuous development of the urbanization process and the "large urban disease", the integration of urban population, traffic congestion, and inefficient travel, etc. have become a worldwide problem.

As a new traffic model, urban air traffic can break through the limitations of the floor two-dimensional space capacity, using the third-dimensional space – sky, providing a pragmatic feasible and forward-looking solution for urban transportation issues.

According to South Korea, the Korean government has put a lot of resources in the development of urban air traffic systems in recent years. In June 2020, under the leadership of the government, 37 major institutions from different fields such as enterprises and academia have formulated a professional team of political and enterprises, promoting multiple dimensions such as technical research and development, policies and regulations, application environments. The Development of Urban Air Traffic Industry.

In the day of the day, the Minister of South Korea said that the "Government will focus on the problems proposed in the plan" and strive to realize the commercialization of urban air traffic in 2025. "He believes that" urban air traffic will become One of the daily travel methods of the public. "In order to let the participating on-site staff feel the scene after the commercialization of commercialization, the organizer prepares analog aircraft operators, VR experience equipment. A guest said that the scene of various aircraft in the sci-fi movie is getting a reality in the high-rise building, it feels that the future is really coming. "The design of the" Air Taxi Test and Down Hub "also attracts Many sights, staff said, "In the future, the passengers can board the aircraft to make a good appointment, and they fly to the designated place, which is very convenient.


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