The first China Rural Humanities Forum held in Beijing

  This newspaper Beijing April 20 is electricity by the People’s Daily "National History" magazine hosted, the first China Rural Human Forum hosted by the people and the people and the people’s three farmers, held on the 20th of the People’s Daily. Liu Huanxin, Party Group, Deputy Minister of Agricultural Rural Ministry, Vice President of the People’s Daily, attended the forum. Cultural revitalization is the soul of the village. The first China Rural Humanities Forum is the theme of "Human Village Ideal China", inviting experts scholars, grassroots cadres, enterprises, and media representatives in the field of rural resolution, and launches research on the development of cultural economy, building humanities and rural pathways. Through agricultural, cultural, tourism, science and technology, media and other industries exchange sharing, condensed, better promoting the construction, creating and sharing of rural humanities.

  "National History" magazine will have a plan to choose a group of representative rural fields to hold the Chinese Rural Humanistic Forum Sub-Forum, explore the village revitalization paths in different regions, and do a good job in the propagandists of rural culture and the promoters; At the same time, a group of rural humanities in one group is integrated with "People’s Yaji", integrating exhibition experience, public service, communication cooperation, and cultivation hatching.

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