The Zhejiang Provincial Government held the eighty-third executive meeting Wang Hao hosted

  On the afternoon of the 5th, Wang Hao, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, presided over the 83th executive meeting of the provincial government, listening to the implementation of the spirit of the National East and West Cooperation (Training Course) Electric bicycles consolidate the views of the safety of the people’s lives and property.

  The meeting pointed out that the cooperation of the East and Western, the Party Central Committee is the "larger decision to promote regional coordination, promote common prosperity, is" the big people ".

Since this year, I have provoked 68 counties in Sichuan Province, which is the Glorious Political Task of the Party Central Committee to Zhejiang. All relevant departments must unify our ideology and action to the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, the provincial party committee on the cooperation between the East and Western parties, and timely transform the way of thinking, speed up the promotion of the East and West. Guarantee "steering into the country’s comprehensive revitalization, more highlighting the development of industrial development, highlighting the effective connection of rural revitalization, highlighting social undertakings, summoned formalization system Touch shortboard weakness, implement powerful measures, high quality Complete the key tasks of the Sichuan East and West.

It is necessary to plan to cooperate with the work of the East and West, strengthen the organization and protection, and select the strong soldier, and create a "Aid Iron Army", actively guide the whole society to participate in the help, and promote the work in the forefront. The meeting pointed out that deepening electric bicycle synthesis, it is practical action to practice the people-oriented thinking. It is also the construction of "Ping An Zhejiang" to create a "important window" and high quality development. It is necessary to focus on electric bicycle management pain points, and set long-term measures, departmental synergy, concentrate on comprehensive management and attack, implement electric bicycle quality supervision law enforcement, putting the construction of the charging site into the urban construction plan, promoting centralized, standardized, and safe park.

It is necessary to build a "Zhejiang E-line online" platform, build a full-chain system closed-loop specification management mechanism, relying on the platform to promote the full process of electric bicycle management, management reconstruction, and institutional remodeling, speed up data integration, standard docking, function collaboration And iterative upgrades, continuously improve system functions, rich system content, optimize system interface, ensure that the system is easy to use. It is necessary to control the transformation and upgrading of enterprises as an opportunity to promote high quality development of electric bicycle industry. It is necessary to press the responsibility of all parties to form all parties, and strengthen the credit supervision of electric bicycle enterprises, and implement disciplines in the faith behavior; strengthen publicity and education, improve the knowledge, participation and satisfaction of the masses on comprehensive governance.

  The meeting emphasized that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session will be held in Beijing from November 8th to 11th, and we must carefully organize and learn, and quickly rise to the spirit of learning and implement the spirit of the spirit.

Recently, we must pay close attention to the control of epidemic prevention and control. The "three-way" three-way area of ??the land space is delineated, and the safety production and natural disasters are practiced.

(Reporter Yu Chang) Responsible Editor: Zhang Ling.

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