Use the car to connect the future "city brain"

  Although "electricization, intelligence, netization, sharing" has become the consensus of the future development direction of the automotive industry, in fact, this "new four" is not the opening of the large-income of the automotive industry. After "New Four Diamation", where will the auto industry will go? "Intelligent Traffic" is the most likely answer. Intelligent transportation is a service system that makes full use of new generation electronic information technology such as Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile Internet, etc. in the transportation field.

This is not only the external requirements of low-carbon society, but also internal demand for the continuous integration of the automotive industry. In fact, the automotive industry has poured more and more cross-bounders, and automotive companies have transformed smart travel service providers … Various "go to automobile" signs have shown that intelligent transportation is the "next stop" of future automobile industry development. And the data shows that the scale of China’s intelligent transportation market has reached 354.7 billion yuan in 2020, it is expected to reach 694.8 billion yuan in 2025, with an average annual growth rate. According to the media consultation analysis, China’s intelligent transportation is basically mature whether there is technical or policy, and intelligent transportation has been initially achieved in some cities. In the future, with the industry to continue to advance, automatic driving and other technologies continue to break through The overall intelligent transportation industry will usher in a rapid growth, and it is also expected to become China’s new economic growth point. More importantly, after intelligent transportation, it will continue to expand the smart city picture.

As the most important part of future smart city, intelligent transportation is more than just "automatic driving + intelligent network", will also be "smart car + wisdom road."

In this regard, China has a special advantage that there is not a traditional American, Germany.

With the unclear understanding of bicycle intelligence limitations, my country will take the lead in proposing the concept and classification in the world.

In addition to pursuing the "bicycle intelligence" of the car itself, pursue the construction of smart roads, the new infrastructure of wisdom, and cooperate through the synergy between the road to achieve intelligent development purposes.

As Miao Wei, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the intelligent network car is our key element of our intelligent transportation, smart city, and the road agency will become the unique advantage of my country’s development of intelligent networks. Under the support of the largest 5G network, cloud computing, etc. in the scale of the independent network, and the new infrastructure of smart cities is based on the new infrastructure of smart city, and the road collaboration will become a key node for building intelligent transportation and smart cities. In fact, my country is not only a large number of traffic facilities such as traffic lights, but also launched the construction of high-level automatic driving demonstration zones, in the park, port, mine and other specific areas and connective, sanitation, logistics distribution, etc. Specific scenes have enabled intelligent transportation, and is actively exploring the factors such as co-operators, roads, clouds, networks, and maps. Deploy communication network facilities, road side perception, and transportation infrastructure support L4-level automatic driving taxi, intelligent network bus High-level application scenarios such as cars, autonomous valet parking.

In 2021, the smart network car and the smart city "Shuangzhi Same" have taken a step forward.

The State Council and the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Development, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the relevant ministries and other relevant ministries and other relevant ministries and other relevant ministries and other relevant ministries and other relevant ministries, support the "Shuangzhi Same", and determine Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Wuxi as the first pilot city. my country has both large-scale automotive market advantages, and strong information technology and network communication strength advantages, which undoubtedly occupies the opportunity in the future track of the global auto industry. From the intelligent network of the car to intelligent transportation, then go to the smart city, a future picture is slowly launched: Car running on the road will be a large mobile intelligent terminal of smart cities, becoming a nerve end of the city brain.

As the industry’s senior expert Luo Qingqi predicted, the car is becoming a port that we enters greater data world, and the future car should be part of the entire social automobile system, which is a huge traffic mobile data cloud. Mobile terminal under this regulation system. It can be seen that the current evolution from the intelligent network car to smart transportation to smart cities, China has produced huge industrial gravitation, giving us more than just the increase in transportation efficiency and the reduction in transportation, in technology Under the continuous promotion, it will become the tool for our economic promotion.

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