Passion and hard work

Golden Autumn August, Dangui fragrance.

Today, Hongshan District rural road flowers green leaves are interested; urban street views are colorful; in a new urban and rural leisure square, the masses carry dance, celebrate the best life.

Under the leadership of the ninth party congress in Hongshan District, Hongshan District infrastructure continues to improve, urban and rural faces are new, and the development results are shared with the masses, and they are glow with vitality, writing a magnificent era.

On August 25, Yan Guoqing, Yan Guoqing, the old party member of Zhaoxida Community, Hongshan District, was a series of preaching in the Community Park. He tells the story of the neighborhood story, a family training, typical example, and red story. After the end of the party, the community party committee quickly acts quickly, with the community micro talk, the grid WeChat group is a carrier, through the talk, preaching, and establishing a model typical, and strives to create a community governance concept of everyone.

Liu Wenyu, deputy secretary of Zhaova Community Party Committee, said. Hongshan District Housing and Construction Bureau is also the first time to quickly learn to implement the spirit of "Party Ceremony", and realize leading cadres from "manager" to "store small two", truly from enterprises and From the perspective of the masses, overcome "formalism", leaning down the body, really grasped, consciously, for the optimization of the business environment, one frame, one scene … This is only the implementation of the "Party Congress" in the Hongshan District. A epitome.

Optimizing the business environment superimposing people’s livelihood highly optimized business environment, is the hotspot and difficulty of concern around the masses, meets the masses to high-quality life demand, add more well-being to the masses. Hongshan District will have a temperature, and the business environment with speed is a mission, focusing on the "comprehensive window system", "good evaluation" and "one thing" reform, establish and improve the "four office" Service kernel, service standard, download registered institutional mechanism, comprehensively promote new set up corporate graphs free engraving, licensed free mail-oriented enterprises to open a "big gift package", encourage the masses "Treasury" Pattern, start from a little bit, from small things, "small climate" of the business environment is transformed into the "gant field" that promotes the high quality development of Hongshan.

Hongshan District, in-depth promotion of residents’ garbage sorted samples, demonstration community creation, improve the front-end delivery, intermediate collection, end processing system in the demonstration area, and formulate, and can be promoted. At the same time, in accordance with the concept of "Water Runcheng, with green city, in Wenchuang City, in Qingcheng", improve urban quality. Hongshan District determines the bridge, Xicheng two streets for the domestic garbage classification demonstration street, the street Songzhou Garden Community is the domestic garbage classification demonstration community, involving 30 garbage classification demonstration communities, 10,000 people, more than 80,000 people.

Investing 7.4 million yuan, for the procurement of trash, 10,000 yuan, investing 10,000 yuan, purchasing garbage barrels for various towns; total investment of construction waste disposal projects is about 1.35 million yuan, covering the acres, the library is 10,000, 11 The end of the month is built and put into use. City is planned to build 5 public toilets, 2 transshipment stations and related equipment. The total investment of the project is 10 million yuan, and it is expected that the investment is 9 million yuan, and it is put into use at the end of the year.

Using the "Embroidery Solver" to play the city’s color is responsible for the people, responsible for the history, leading the urban ecological environmental governance to the concept innovation, and let the red mountain area are more blue, and the land is clearer. Hongshan District is mainlined by refined management, with the new pattern of urban management, new journey, uses foot ’embroidered workfurt’, do a good job in the ‘fine article’, and strive to build high quality livable charm new Red Mountain. In 2019, the Red Mountainous area launched rainfall three-year action, plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars, basically complete the renovation of rain and pollution in the old city and bridge, the Tienan group, newly built 6 rainwater pump stations, laying rain water pipeline . 2021 plans to invest billions of dollars, laying rainwater pipe network, newly built 3 rain pump stations. The construction of three three-dimensional parking buildings in the second phase of the intelligent parking project was launched. The new three-dimensional parking space was added; and the first phase of investment in the project was completed, and the intelligent parking management platform access parking space was expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Adhere to Chuangcheng as the people, Chuangcheng Huimin, Chuangcheng rely on the people, Hongshan District, in-depth development of urban and rural people’s environmental remediation, implement the old-age housing medical examination and renovation, and resolutely lay the "seven attacks and strive", and go all out to create National civilized city.

After the "Party Class", Hongshan District surrounded the task of the CCC, scheduling 3 of the 3 creating main units and 112 package joint construction units per week. All packaged units acclaim 286 total tasks. 252 have been completed. Relying on the advantages of the new era civilization practice demonstration area, cultivate 372 volunteer service teams, carrying out more than 1,600 volunteer service activities; there are more actual conditions in the old community, transform 20 old communities, 166 buildings; 4,100, equipped with a classification of garbage boxes, 400,000 cubic meters of free shipping, repairing damaged pavement, 370,000 square meters of old communities, and completing 11.

The ninth party congress in Hongshan District proposed, strive to complete the old community renovation task in 3-5 years. In the community renovation task, it plans to build the remaining in 2005, and no transformation of 2.75 million square meters old housing is implemented, and the integration of 61 pieces are implemented.

From 2022 to 2025, the Old Tribun Reconstruction Project was planned for each year. It is expected to complete the old community renovation task built in 2005.

This year, 200 million yuan, 15 communities such as Changqing, 460,000 square meters of old communities for comprehensive transformation, 5 communities such as Xitun, Water Conservancy, implement energy-saving transformations of 130,000 square meters old communities.

Now 20 old community renovation project projects are in progress, and it is expected to be completed in the year.

Hongshan District plans to implement 61 years, km municipal road construction. In the phased implementation of 8 projects such as Ulan Hada Park Phase II, Nanshan Park, Dongcheng District Green, Anzhen River, the top of the landscape enhancement project, planned new, transforming green land about 1,300 hectares.

The growth of the green industry helps the rural resolution Hongshan District focuses on high quality development, implementing rural resolution strategies, agriculture accelerating transformation.

20,000 acres of high-efficiency water-saving agriculture in Hongmiai Town has achieved remarkable results; in Wenzhen Town, in planning structure, active adaptation of the environment, quantity water production, and take the lead in trying to change the slope of the original water storage capacity to become horizontal terraces, transformation The area is 2200 mu. Planting Chinese herbal medicine is planted in a wild manner in drought, and there are currently 1050 mu of shadow. In terms of facility agriculture, vigorously build high-standard facilities agricultural greenhouses, and promote fruits such as high-efficient high-efficiency big cherry, grapes, such as vegetable festivals such as vegetable festivals such as seafood, and increased by more than 3 times more efficient and more than 3 times.

The green mountain is Jinshan Yinshan. At the same time in the development of the industry, Hongshan District does not forget to be breened, in the hillside of soil, which is easy to plant oil and soil, etc., take the initiative to carry out ecological restoration, improving ground water sources, improve rural settings, The three-year planting oil is 23,285, and other ecological repairs are 67,460 trees. Hongshan District integrated special funds improved the living environment of Hongshan District, the door of the villagers became the three seasons, four seasons, steps and scenes, tourists woven the city surroundings. The newly built gazebo and small square have also become a good place for farmers.

"The breeze is very different, and the whip is going to the new trip.

The majority of party members and cadres in Hongshan District changed their style, shoulder liability, and borrowed the spring breeze of the "Party Congress", which is striving to create a new red mountain, delicate and beautiful, happy, happy. (陈秀俊) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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