Rural revitalization by talent, attract talent rely on? Look at this town’s answer

Yi Le Lite town, "local talent incubator training center" by culture incubator center members, to help them with reality, choose the most suitable for their own development industry, and to achieve self to get rich, and then drive around relatives, neighbors to achieve common prosperity. Vice Minister Zhang Quan Ulanhot Party Organization Department introduced, and strengthen local people Incubation Center building is an important measure to promote the party building in tackling poverty and promoting rural revitalization.

"In the rural revitalization, talent is critical.

Members of the local talent incubation center of party members, technology, thinking, the ability, the role of such talent on the revitalization of rural immeasurable.

"In recent years, rural and pastoral areas exodus of young talent, Gacha village development party hard, matching cadres difficult, with rich talent cultivation difficult problem increasingly prominent. Hing’an explore each hematoxylin township building," local talent incubator center ", Mopai selection excellent Gacha village of farmers and herdsmen, the implementation of young party members, Gacha village reserve cadres, entrepreneurs with talent rich "Trinity" training for the fight and win tackling poverty, help build a rural revitalization of local personnel. currently, 57 Su Hing’an wood townships to establish local talent incubation center, more than 6,300 qualified farmers and herdsmen to accept centralized training.

Last year, the acceptance test Hing’an League Committee Organization Department of the end of the year, the righteous force Le Theux "local talent incubator center" won first place in the alliance. (Reporter Ma Zhiping Susu) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xuedong).

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