Taiwan has a small childrens: entanglement on the starting line (cross-strait focus)

  Household registration into the school district of public "star primary school" in advance, striving for priority; the kindergarten class transfer the child into the kindergarten of the private elementary school, in advance of the card; Whip or private? Ordinary class or special class? Take the tutoring or not tackle … In the Taiwanese society that emphasizes the educational atmosphere, parents are also afraid of losing on the starting line, often exclaiming: "I feel that the child is just landing, and I will start to get to school." School District system I can’t help but vote "" Taiwan, "Taiwan, there is also the concept of school district, can not rent or rent." Taipei citizen Zhou Jianfeng’s daughter Zhou Min graduated from a public star elementary school this year, there is a plan for her daughter, from Children’s elementary school adjustments their career and working hours in order to depth, participate in the daughter’s education.

  How can I know what my child belongs to? According to the staff of the Taipei Municipal Education Bureau, Taking Taipei as an example, Taipei City, the various districts of Taipei will define the school district of each primary school in the year, and parents can pay according to the children’s household registration, and to the website or Taipei. Education Bureau Primary School New Year Distributing Inquiry Information Network inquiry.

Relevant admission regulations and information, progress, etc. can be found on the official website of the Education Bureau or in Admission Information.

  Want to read public elementary schools in the school, theoretically no provisions for the length of time.

"If this school is a lot, it is dissatisfied, and it doesn’t matter to settle the time.

If there is a small porridge, there is a priority problem, the time is long, and the relative relationship is close. Mr. Zhou said.

If it is a household, it is necessary to provide a proof of the lease contract and notarization of more than three consecutive years and a certificate of water charges sufficient to prove the facts of the facts for review. A good school people want to go up, but the school district is not bought, and the phenomenon of sending a household registration will be delivered.

Taiwan’s household registration management is loose, and parents can register all family households in the star school district. They are expected to study the star school, relative to the buying house, and the cost is greatly reduced. "However, the general relationship will not allow you to send a household registration because of the following risks.

And in the priority order of the enrollment, the household is the last, and the star school will be distributed to other schools.

Compared to the nearby enrollment, the family must pay for additional traffic time and fees.

"My daughter is studying Mr. Jiao Yu, a public star elementary school in Taipei.

  In 2008, a parent-child magazine in Taiwan had conducted a survey. The results show that the parents of Juitation have thought about schools outside their own school; nearly 50% of parents have seen 2 to 5 before children preparing for primary and secondary schools. The school; more than 50% of parents take practical actions, in order to let children go to their ideal schools. Public view of the household registration area, private is not limited by the school. Take Taipei as an example, as long as the household registration is in Taipei, you can register your own primary school.

The problem is that a good private elementary school is a hardship, such as the number of registries exceeds the railing of the enrollment, decided by the government’s provisions. "Who dares to ensure you can smoke? Again, most of the good private primary school has its kindergarten, and the students of their kindergarten guarantee the heroic primary school, and there are fewer enrollment.

Therefore, when my son’s kindergarten is playing, people are running, and they are running to the kindergarten card of private elementary school. "Ms. Li, a 5-year-old boy Andy said. Public privately have excellent advantages and disadvantages" choose public or private? " Of course, you should first take your own economic situation. Zhou Jianfeng said.

  The public elementary school is low, and some schools have less than 3,000 yuan (New Taiwan coin, the same), including textbooks, clothing, lunch, dish, miscellaneous fees, and poor families have also reduced. Private primary school registration fee, book fees, meals, tuition fees, transportation fare, uniform fees, Lin Lin’s total 200,000 yuan, does not contain other holiday art classes, cold summer school camp, parent will donate payment . Even if the charge is not Physical, there are more and more parents send their children to private schools.

In the case of Taiwan’s fertility rate, many public primary schools have faced the door-to-door, but private primary schools are expanded, and a hard-to-see, parents must leak night queue registration and strive for entry qualifications. "There is a low fees on the surface of the public elementary school, but only on Tuesday, the first day of the first year, 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the rest one, three, four, five Tongtong only in the middle of the day. Both our husband and wife have to go to work, only The child sent to the school’s class-class counseling class or an outsource, and one hundred thousand pieces in one semester, and the private school began in Monday to Friday from the first grade to Friday, and the talents and after-school counseling. Calculating the money of public private flowers is similar.

"Andi mother said.

  Some parents are not economic accounts, and the interest of private education emphasizes that children are free to develop, and the teaching is relatively active. The 8-year-old girl has turned into a good public elementary school in Xinyi District, Taipei City. After one year, he transferred to a new private elementary school. Mothers who graduated from Taiwan said: "For so many years, the public education in Taiwan has not been different from us, or a changed filling education, constantly repeating the test education. I hope she can be happy. Learning, growing, there are time to do some homework. So we decided to go from public to private, in fact, the content of private schools is not small, the difficulty is not small, but the course setting is interesting. "He operates a design company Zhou Jianfeng can bear the tuition fees of the private school, but after 6 years ago, after repeated trade-off, compared, he decided to let the daughter on public schools. "Private school students are small, teachers are very good for students.

However, the sources have been screened by economic status, and the social class is too single. The child has lost the ability to collide with people from different classes, and it is easy to disconnect with society.

I hope that my daughter understands the real situation of society in a small child, and it can be better adapted.

"All the way, the child is really hard in order to prevent daughters to lose in" starting line ", from kindergarten, Jiao Wei’s daughter Jiao Xin will go to" talent classes ", learn painting, English, Go and piano, Saturday Also play football, continue to make up in English after school.

  Zhou Jianfeng’s daughter Zhou Min was less than a lesson.

"Although the discipline is not enough, the art will not relax. The dance is in the Yunmen dance classroom. The painting is even more beautiful.

  Most Taiwan children are all taking the class.

In 2015, the Taiwan Education Department has conducted an investigation of primary education consumption expenditures. It has been found that there are 7 people per 10 students. The contents of tutoring include disciplines or artistic movements, and the total amount of tutorial expenses is 100 million yuan.

Up to 70% of children are studying after school after school, they are scored, and they are granted, essays, 33% learning musical instruments, calligraphy, painting, dance, speed reading, chess, sports, etc.

  In 2016, an article is widely circulated in Taiwan. The title is directly written "The world’s most bloody industry is a primary school." Write it in the text, go out in 7 o’clock, can only play for 10 minutes in the get out of class, tutored to 8 points at night … Every day study time If you turn into a worker, you don’t see less than your parents, things to learn are much more than your parents, but also complex! In 2017, the Taiwan Jiafu League issued the investigation report of Taiwan’s schoolchild’s learning status. The results show that there is% of the students who have learned from learning, and there is even "learning overwork";% of the students reflected "I am over the day Class (including tutoring), I have been tired. " The survey further pointed out that the cause of child learning fatigue is related to parents, personal expectations, lack of sleep, and insufficient rest time.

Among them, the parents took the classroom with their children to compare with their own children. It is the maximum source of pressure in the children, the ratio from 2011, rising to% in 2017. After the survey came out, the mainstream media in Taiwan had questioned why the "12-year-honored education" of "slowing the student pressure" has been on the past few years, the student pressure has not been slowed down, but the fatigue index is more degraded? In the face of the media question, the person in charge of the education department responded: The biggest pressure source is the expectation of parents, calling for parents do not use scores as a standard for children to learn. There is a Taiwan’s education community that it is because it is difficult to understand the complicated education policy. The policy formation process has repeatedly changed. Li Jiaxong, the honorary professor of Tsinghua University, Taiwan, is a fierce criticism: every education reform in Taiwan hopes to reduce the pressure of students, but the results of each reform are often counterproductive.

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