Singer, Dion Dion, suffering from sick?

  Shanxi Evening News Recently, according to Canadian media reports, the health status of well-known singers and Dion Dion is further deteriorated, and can not get up, move or walk. The family of Xilin Dion was revealed when accepting the Canadian media interview. "Her legs and feet have made her almost paralyzed, she is very weak, weight is much reduced. At present, she can’t get up, move or walk.

"On the 10th, Si Lin Dion ‘s sister denied the rumor to the French magazine, she said that her sister is sick, but there is no rumor.

  In late October this year, Xilin Dion announced that he was originally scheduled to cancel the concert of the newly completed World Theater in Las Vegas on November 5th.

"This decision makes me heart.

"She wrote," I have worked for our concert at night, I can’t schedule it in November, and I can’t speak in November. "Then, the Xilin Dion team released a statement, revealing this Quebec," suffering from severe and sustained muscle spasm, making her not perform on the stage. Her medical team is continuing to evaluate and treat her, but her current situation does not allow her to participate in the rehearsal of the new program. "In this regard, Skot Sibella, the theater, said," Although we are eager to be in the theater, we also support the decision of Xilin, I wish her soon recovered, and look forward to her is ready and can be again When performing, I came to the New Theater.

"The condition of Xilin Dion made her cancel all the performances before March 2022, but the health of this famous singer seems to be bad than imagination.

It is reported that the family of Xilin Dion is revealed when accepting the Canadian media interview. "Her legs and feet have made her almost paralyzed, she is very weak, much weight is much reduced. Currently she can’t get up, move Or walking, this disease may take a long time to recover.

If the situation is not improved, it may take a break for a few months or even a year. "In addition, October 22nd is the birthday of Di Di and Nielson’s twin son. In the past, he sent their new photos and sent their own blessings.

But this year, Di Lin Dion did not do this.

Fortunately, her sister Linda is taking care of her 3 children.

  Split Dion’s almost a message boiled, after the swept network, on the 10th, the news seems to have reversed.

Si Lin Dion’s sister Linda revealed: "The things that happen to her are very sad, but this is not serious, otherwise she will tell me. As a global day, Xilin Dion also ushered in this year. The 40th anniversary of the road. For many people, "my heart is eternal" is the most famous song of Xilin Dion, which includes the grand prizes of Oscar, Grammy, the bulletin board. So far she is in international There are countless achievements in the song, including 5 Grame Awards, 12 World Music Awards, 20 Junnuo Awards and 43 Feeds. Her global album sales have exceeded 200 million, including Two consecutive albums have sold more than 30 million. Although there are very few new work in recent years, there is no influence of the popularity of Sherne Dion’s super highness, and when Adele issued a new single to ask the most proud things in October, She actually took a photo frame with chewing gum, because this is her idols and Dion Dion’s chewing gum. However, in the past few years, the media is more concerned about the body, and even use "骷髅"" "" To describe her. For her mist, fans are also very worried, but Xilin Di will respond personally, I am very good.

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