The Sanjin People’s Representative of the Sanjin People’s Representative, representing the "Sitting"! Entering the "All-Clock" Contact Station

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan September 15th (Wang Liang) communication company’s cable pressure to crops, what should I do? The villagers in the front town of Qixian Temple in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province came to the National People’s Congress to contact the issue to reflect the problem to Wei Huixia. At present, the Standing Committee of Xia County, the Standing Committee of the Summer and Congress, coordinated the relevant departments to solve the problem.

  The villagers in Beibu Village reflect communication cable overhead, affecting production life.

(The People’s Congress of the Qian County Temple in the Temple of Xia County is understood that 150 people representative contact stations and 395 contact points are established.

"Since 2021, the city’s county (city, district) has determined 2 townships to carry out the workdays ‘all-weather reception work’, and use the heart to use the emotions to promote the troubles of the people, troubles, and worry.

Deng Yiping, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, said. The representative of the People’s Congress of Xia County Temple, the representative contact station is one of the pilots. "This is my third time ‘sitting’ reception. "On September 9th, Li Feng, representative of the Maidong Town of Xia County Temple, said that there are people from the people to learn, record, organize, gaps, and improve their performance.

  Tongcheng Town, Wenxi County is the place where the county is located. Ning Junli, Chairman of the Town People’s Congress, said that the treasury is young, the degree is also high, "We seek the representatives of the People’s Congress at all levels of Tongcheng’s opinion on ‘sitting", all representatives They are willing to receive the masses.

"The Chairman of the People’s Congress of Tongcheng Town, Tongcheng Town, introduced the media to the media. Xinhua Net (Zhang Sen Rong) Tongcheng Town People’s Congress representatives received the people’s liaison station and the town party committee, the government office hall, the social security for the people , Medical insurance and other issues, representatives guided the masses to related windows in time.

"The masses of the county mainly reflect the problems such as demolition. The people of the rural people are mostly infrastructure and other infrastructure." Ning Junli said that all-weather contact stations also enhanced the willingness of the People’s Congress to contact the masses. "In the case of the county city, the network line is like a spider web, the representative of the People’s Congress will be resolved after proposal; now the rural areas are not needed, and we are also prepared to make relevant recommendations." Ning Junli said.

  At the same time as the urgent people are eager, the People’s Congress representative liaison station also promotes the fundamental resolution of relevant issues. "Zhizhou Village is difficult to use water because of water pressure, the people have encountered difficulties with water." Li Yulin, Chairman of the People’s Campus of Jiezhou Town, Yanhu District, said, "We first make the people can use the water, and accelerate the advancement through suggestions. Water source replacement and other projects to completely solve problems.

Zhang Xiaogang, chairman of the President of the Quan County, Xia County, said that the problem of the people of the people reflected in the representative liaison station, which belongs to the coordination and resolution of township power; need to coordinate the county, the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress, "The work is getting more and more bottom.

"" Through a period of operation, the people have difficulties, when there is a demand, I can think of the representative contact station. "Deng Yiping said that the representative contact station is a group of people, and the representative is willing to go, the society has an impact on the society, the party committee is assured and the people’s satisfaction contact stations.


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