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[] Cangxi County, Sichuan Province, is a red revolutionary fertile soil. Only 280,000 people have emerged in the same year.

Since the new round of the poverty, Cangxi has continued to carry forward the spirit of the Red Army of "Ying, Toughness and Toughness", insisting on the situation, to create, take advantage of the situation, explore the industrial revitalization The core of the core of the mountain "is getting poverty and prosperous" new path. Since 20020, the county’s last 158, 358 poor people have reached the bid, Cangxi bid farewell to the absolute poverty, and opened the new way of well-off.

  The situation is: guided by the demand, with the end of the industry as the end of 2014, Cangxi County precisely identified 214 sets of poverty villages, poor people in the poverty line, the incidence of poverty is%.

Black Cat Liangshan District, Jialing River, Song Jianghe Canyon … It’s a difficulty of "hard bones". "If you don’t have a task, I will resign." At the beginning of 2017, Cangxi County took off the poverty and swearing officer mobilized video conference, from the county party committee secretary, the county magistrate, and then to the main person in charge of the township party and government, each people’s military order It is as solemn promise.

  In the past few years, the Cangxi County Committee will focus on the poor, helping the poor, really getting poverty, and the cadres, pay close attention to poverty alleviation effect. Cangxi strictly implemented a hand-responsible system, county, township, village three-level secretary arrested poverty alleviation, and selected 740 outstanding cadres to serve as the first secretary of poor villages and non-poor villages, forming 740 resident tours, 168 county-level organs Unit, 6,800 county and township organs unit cadres jointly poverty alleviation.

The cadres suffered hard, the masses have worked, and become the most touching picture of Cangxi.

  "We are poor villages, this mountain beam is a stone valley, and the mountain bay is also yellow mud soil, it is difficult. The development of the country?" Has let the original Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Mountain Party Committee Government and the people? After establishing the idea of ??"going to", everything is solved. "Pylique, industry development is fundamental.

In the township changed the industrial planning and administrative intervention, handed over to the village, handed over to the people, developing their favorite industries, and can also mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm. Dabu Village Citrus industry development has written the practice of ‘green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan’, and has created a miracle of the industry.

"When Li Wei, Li Wei, secretary of the party committee secretary of Moon Mountain Township, was filled with emotion.

  As early as the Spring Festival 2016, the party committee of Moon Shan Township accidentally learned that Meishan produced the "Ehime 38 citrus" tastes good, the market price is high.

Just passing the Spring Festival, the rural cadres and the masses represent the "three visit" Meishan City, finally determined to develop this citrus industry. "Now our village has planted more than 1,100 acres, and also driven more than 1,500 acres in the village. It has been more than 20,000 yuan in the trial production last year. This year we have already signed all sales orders with foreign merchants.

"Standing on a group of stone valleys in the Dalun Village of Moon Mountain Township, Liang Xinghai, director of the old village, laughed into the eyebrows.

  In Cangxi, there is a lot of demand-oriented, with industry-oriented, similar to "going", there are still many, and all the places have actually have a distinctive industrial development new road.

  Creating: For wild vegetable research, let the industry will take the power of the Cangxi to get rid of the poverty, "helping a wild vegetables, a patented, with a industry with a industry". Practice. Tree trees and famous wild ducks, mainly dominated, sporadic growth in the local mountain forest.

How to cultivate seedlings and are the problems they face. Yang Chunlin as a poverty in the Yutang Village, Cangxi County, has been trying to achieve his own gap through planting tree trees. After learning that Yang Chunlin’s dream, Cangxi County Science and Technology Bureau special scientific research support, Chengdu Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Guangyuan Municipal Linke Hospital sent experts on-site research guidance to help solve technical problems. At the same time, Guangyuan City and Cangxi County two-level governments have listed the development of wild duck (tree trees) industry as poverty alleviation industries … under the spring breeze of funds, technical research and other policies, Yang Chunlin Tree Tree, seedlings and planting technology Applying for national patents, Chunlin planting family farm has also become the first national artificial cultivation of "wild duck" ingredients. In order to lead the poor, Yang Chunlin has also set up a professional cooperative in Cangxi County Chunbai, attracting the poor industrial households in the village and the neighboring village, which is divided by cooperatives, free seedlings and technical guidance. Cooperatives also cooperate with Sichuan Province, Poverty Alleviation, Sichuan Province, to cooperate with Tianshang Agriculture Co., Ltd., order acquisition of farmers products. At present, the town is planting trees and trees, and more than 20 tons can be picked up in the year, and 124 poor households can achieve more than 300,000 yuan. The lack of funds is the difficulty of being insurmountable in poor areas.

Yang Chunlin took off the poverty road, with the help of the government, using the industrial support fund, the microfinance and political suspension enterprise loans hundreds of thousands of yuan, which has strongly promoted the development of tree tree industries, and became the lead in the development of the local industry. people.

  In recent years, the Cangxi County Party Committee, the county government has traveled over the day, focus on "two unfair three guarantee" goals, and limited funds are used in the development of industries.

The county has created, actively developed industry development, brand construction, marketing, scientific and technological talents, and land use, use electric water use, and implemented "1 + N" investment and cultural integration method, innovation " Financial poverty alleviation products such as the Silver Enterprise.

  According to statistics, only in 2019, Cangxi County integrated capital billion yuan, implied new main body and farmers to invest 1 billion yuan, excite financial enterprises to distribute small poverty alleviation billions, put "politics silver companies" loans 71.97 million Yuan, benefiting poor households.

In the past six years, Cangxi County has put into financial fund billion yuan in the past six years, which is used to get rid of the poverty reduction. The county-level arrangement of the financial special poverty alleviation has increased by more than 30%, most of which is used in the development of the industry.

  At the moment: Take the "three-way linkage" as the link, help "three production integration" in Cangxi, from the east to the west, from the south to the north, mention a few major leading industries such as kiwi, Chinese herbal medicine, health farming, almost no one Not known. The reporter noted that Cangxi County was committed to take advantage of the trend, and the depth focused on the leading industry and fully implemented the "three-way linkage" model and helped "three production integration". Up to now, there have been 19 thousands of acres of modern agricultural parks, 69 thousands of acres of parks, more than 1 acre of poor households "self-reliant and universal industrial park", truly realize the full coverage of village industries, industrial parks can The disposal income is more than 10,000 yuan.

  Under the industrial support, there is a full-scale cover of the county of Wanjia family to achieve full coverage of stable and demise industries; the poor village village realizes hardening roads, safe drinking water, bathroom, electricity, wireless network full coverage … Cangxi all poor households Pylique, poor village withdraw from the hat of the poor county.

  Say goodbye to absolute poverty, and then welcome the revitalization of the countryside. As a result of the poverty povertell as a new life of the new life, it is proposed: To enhance the national modern agricultural industrial park as a starting point, comprehensive policy, the whole chain promotion, accelerate the development of the impact of the Qinba Mountains has an influential modern agriculture.

  On the one hand, continue to adhere to the "three-way linkage" construction base and do the bright green chain.

Promote the "Great Park + small owners, small farmers, small courtyard" model, Shenhua County, Wanri Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, Village, One Village, One Pinny Demonstration Park, HTRCC Triopedy Garden "Three Plantation", promote the scale of the base, production Standardization, facility modernization, product green, large red heart kiwi, Chinese herbal medicine, healthy breeding billion industry base.

  On the other hand, actively promote the "three-generation integration" to promote upgrading, enhance the value chain.

Implement the "Agricultural Products Processing Industry Enhancement Action", stronger food medicine, clean energy, light industry, manufacturing pillar industry, built into the center of Cang (Xi) South (Department) Agricultural Products Processing Circulation Center. Expanding agricultural functions, using "travel +" "ecological +", build longitudinal plurality, horizontally integrated industrial fusion model, built the ecological contributory "post-garden", green products, and industrial collaboration supporting bases and 阆 (middle) ) Cang (Xi) South (Department) Country Tourism Destination. At the same time, Cangxi is also actively surrounding the "three integration" brand, live marketing, and build an innovative chain, and open the supply chain. Innovative technology research and development, technology promotion, modern equipment system, use live "Industry Association + Lead Enterprise + Complete Works + Small Farmers", promote regional brand, corporate brand, product brand "three products to enter", do a good job in brand packaging, Brand protection, brand marketing, let’s have characteristics, quality, tasteful Cangxi agricultural products in the market.

Improve the online sales system of the county construction center, township construction site, village construction network, build county logistics express enterprises, towns and villages have logistics distribution lines, the logistics distribution system with express delivery site in the village, improve the integrated quality supervision system of the "commercial sales", Support agricultural super, farm schools, and agricultural enterprises, so that one-way "species" is converted to two-way "sell, sell well."

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