Rongping: Tod Chengdu explores, build a city ideal life

From the intersection of the road to the walk, go to the car age of the road network, from the road network to the car era, to today’s urban track era, the major changes in human history, greatly expand human activities The radius, shorten the geospatial distance, accelerate the resource element aggregation, and has a deep impact on urban space pattern and economic social life.

How to create a beautiful urban form, scientific development model and ideal quality life? On March 20, Chengdu’s first TOD Development Forum opened in the West International Expo, China. Around TOD, experts, big coffee, impress wisdom sparks, collision of new ideas; to develop and develop from the global business partners, sign millions of co-cooperations. TOD "Chengdu Program", as a "park city + TOD" exploration, experience in the global TOD development. The ideal life of the city is related to the ideal of every person. Chengdu launched a comprehensive development of TOD in 2017, and this development model is rarely seen in most people in China.

In the few years, the total investment of 150 billion yuan, the 14 TOD demonstration projects of 7600 mu of total area have been implemented in Chengdu. In the future, more than 700 hierarchical positions will gradually implement TOD development, and Chengdu on the track has opened "racing" Mode ", TOD is extraordinary for Chengdu.

The first layer of significance is rising.

Why will Chengdu choose TOD mode? To a certain extent, TOD can promote the upgrade of the rail transit site and its radiation area.

Since 2017, Chengdu has fully promoted rail transportation construction, and the construction strength has maintained the national first, planning concept, institutional design, operating mechanism, and its capacity construction has jumped in the country’s first square, and the total mileage of rail transit is 558 kilometers. Single day, the highest passenger volume exceeded 6 million passed. In Chengdu, TOD development allows the subway station to interconnect the subway station, millions of passenger flows per day, is commercially attracting popularity near the site, making the public feeling the modern and convenientness of urban life, making the land with commercial value more Value, supporting urban development speed on the track. The second layer is reshaped. TOD integrated development is conducive to promoting the deep remodeling of urban space and urban form.

It can be seen from the development experience of the world city, and TOD is striving to crack the "big city disease" problem and promote urban savvy growth.

Tod is considered to be an important ying experience of "Tokyo to become Tokyo", it is also a "multi-city disease" program for many cities around the world to solve the "big city disease". Today, kilometers, 769 sites, secretway rail transit networks are responsible for TOD development represented by Tokyo every 40 million travel needs, TOD development represented by Tokyo Station and Shibuya Station has become a powerful promotion of urban updates. Chengdu learning Tokyo experience, build a 15-minute life service circle centered on TOD site by creating high-density business space and modern consumption scenarios, will realize business value, public space, human life "three integration", promoting production city Integral, occupational balance, create a new advantage of high quality life. The third layer is the transformation. The urbanization process in my country is moving from the extensive extensive development to intensive connotation development, Chengdu has taken the lead in the development of development as a starting point in TOD. In the past, large construction, a large amount of consumption, a large amount of urban construction, enlarged the size of the city, but with the narrowing of urban and rural construction land, the incremental space resources were limited.

At the same time, there are not a few spatial resources in the "Old Town" to not get efficient use. The times call for centrally efficient development methods, and the public hopes to gradually supplement urban infrastructure and public service facilities, so that urban development green coordination sustainable.

Tod will be a carrier, surrounding the platform, shaping a lifestyle that is full of people.

On the way home, go out of the subway, you will see the kindergarten, vegetable market, cinema, community health service center, city well fireworks, vivid and vivid shadow of the city of Tod, the vivid and vivid shade of the city. Looking at the form of the whole city, a TOD is a blue-green intersection city community, is a commercial, cultural and living center, an integrated transportation hub, accumulating and distinguished by a TOD, and the entire city has a degree of democracy. , The mischief is large and open.

Such a way of development, points to the intensive, pointing to sustainable. For Chengdu, the exploration of "Park City + Tod" may give different experience. At present, Chengdu has a full range of "living cities" to be able to travel in all aspects of "life city", creating a full-time consumption scenario, which is full-time consumption, one-stop-level consumption scenarios, and promotes smoothness of Changda green travel and multi-live scenes. Let the public, visitors in the neon firefly, green poetry, enhance the city’s prosperity, and reward in the park.

In the future, Chengdu may become a global TOD model city that is highly developed in the calibration era and carries a beautiful life yearning. Chengdu has this potential.

(Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).

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