Shanghai North Bund: Let the World Hall living room are full of cultural taste

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai November 16 (Reporter Zheng Yitian) Shanghai North Bund, with Lu Jiazui, the Bund, which constitutes "Pujiang Golden Triangle". As a region where the core segment of Huangpu River has a canned planning and large-scale depth development space, North Beach has ushered in a new round of development opportunities.

  At the end of June, the last more than 6,000 residents in the northern outer lands farewell to the "squatting toilet" to live in the middle of the sevily collected works below the top of the old plum. "I finally became real, I can live in the building.

"At the age of 71, Zhang Zhagen, Zhang Zhan, excitedly. The condition is really hard.

"The old change is one of the largest people’s livelihood in the North Bund.

"We want to let each treasure of the North Bund found a good family, forge a good work, gathering the function.

Guo Fang, secretary of the Hongkou District Committee of Shanghai, said that the total planning of the region will reach 8.4 million square meters, and the new highly reached 480 meters of "Puxi high".

  White Horse Cafe, China Securities Museum, Post Building … The unique historical humanistic memory of the northern outer lands is precipitated with time and is reserved.

Guo Fang said that Hongkou will further rely on the unique advantage of "cultural celebrities’ gathering", build new unforgettable, orderly, urban renewal and historical build activation, adhere to the first floor, one program, one plan ", protect" Xiaoshi Shiqumen, Binjiang Linhe Old Architecture "Unique Volley Rhyme, let the" World Living Room "full of cultural charm.

  In recent years, North Beach is not only in terms of infrastructure, ecological environment and other hardware, but also out of the business environment, industrial gathering, public service, cultural exchanges, etc., has become flew, and the development is not only "shaped", but also "god". "I didn’t expect it to open a company here. I don’t need two sites again!" Recently, Ms. Jin, the first branch of Shanghai Hanyang Mall, Shanghai, received the Shanghai Hongkou District Market Supervision Bureau "cross A business license sent by the provincial office window.

Due to the legal representative of the head office, the official seal is in Shenzhen, and it is very inconvenient to do things in the two places. After the staff of the Hongkou District Market Supervision Bureau learned the relevant situation, actively contact the company, inform that the company can apply for enterprises through the "cross-provincial" channel, without going to the line window to submit materials. For the whole process, only one day is only one day, and the enterprise is related to the business. In recent years, the Hongkou District business environment in the North Beach has been continuously optimized, relying on "one network to do", build a special "Hongkou Express" brand; launch "one thing to do,", completion certificate is shortened from three months It is completed one day; apply for a license 24 hours … In the focus of the building and the park, "building long system" "Yuan", "there is something to find the building long" has become a special brand … Shanghai Hongkou District Director Hao Liguo said that it will continue to deepen the service enterprise mechanism, insist on the service philosophy of the necessity, no obstacles, attract more companies to the North Bund Investment.

  Good business environment continues to stimulate regional economic development vitality: domestic and foreign well-known financial and shipping companies headquarters, international organizations and functional institutions accelerate into this.

North Beach Wealth Management Highlands has begun to take shape, asset management scale nearly 7 trillion yuan, 17 public fund management companies; 12 of the top 50 ship companies in the world have set up regional headquarters or branches, shipping services. The headquarters base is constantly consolidated; modern business prosperity, many first stores, urban markets promote "net red card" here … The ultimate goal of high quality development is to provide high quality life for people. The family doctor’s clinic, employment service station, and the elderly care home and other community service projects have been included in the "Golden Famous Brand" of Hongkou – Citizen Station.

"Watching this disease, the winners can be solved by the masses of the masses." Said the director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Hongkou District, Shanghai, said, "The citizen station of the North Bund is the ‘Double White Group’ – The white-haired crowd accounted for six or seven points, and the young white collar occupied three or four cents.

White-haired people enjoy health, physiotherapy, etc.

"In the future, Hongkou will continue to improve" 15 minutes of community life circle ", which will take the lead in providing high quality life and supporting services suitable for international innovative talents in the North Beach area, providing high quality sports and leisure, health care, international education, etc. Let the Northern Beach, the "North Court", which takes the root, should be careful. Editor: Li Hui.

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