The great miracle in the history of human development (Wanghai Building)

  At the 100th Anniversary Conference celebrated the founding of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping was solemn, and we have completed a well-off society in the Chinese land.

In order to celebrate the comprehensive construction of a well-off social struggle for the Struggle, since the Party Central Committee approved, the Central Party History and the Literature Research Institute have prepared "comprehensive construction of a well-off society".

The "Max Sudden" highlights, based on the socialist revolution and construction, China has realized the people’s life from the world, and the historic leaps of comprehensive well-off.

  Xiaokang is the ideal state that the Chinese nation has pursued since ancient times. On the occasion of the Burden of Communist Party of China, the dream has become a reality.

This is the great miracle in the history of human development. It is an immortal monument on the great revival journey of the Chinese nation. It is the common well-being of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people.

  These two days, Japan’s "Japanese Comments Asia Comments" reported a hot discussion.

This article entitled "China’s breakfast is almost exceeded" wrote: "There is a lamb toast, and there is a casserole in the east, and the Chinese breakfast style is superior to your imagination." After reading, there are netizens playful Said: "This is a good day, it has been abroad!" Indeed, the days are good, the waist is drum, the Chinese people are getting better.

Crossing a hundred years of time, from the clothes, the food is not true to the basics to solve the warmth, and then to the overall well-off, until today’s comprehensive well-off, the Chinese nation has historically solved the absolute poverty problem, and the people’s life ushered in the sky. About 80% of the old China has long been hungry and half-hungry. Now China’s per capita food has 474 kilograms; the per capita disposable income of residents increased from 1949 to 1020 yuan; New China was established 80% The population is illiterate, to the nine-year compulsory education in 2020, the total economic volume of China jumps from 1952 to 1020 billion yuan, the actual growth is about 189 times … a group of data, refracted history Sexual leap, a century of the century of a well-off society in an all-round way.

  From the shortcomings, why is China? Key on the party.

From the date of its establishment, the Communist Party of China will insist on the Chinese people to seek happiness. As the Chinese nation, the Chinese nation is rejected as a mission, unity leads the Chinese people for a long time for creating a better life. Since the beginning of the reform and opening up, since the strategic conception of a well-off society, build a well-off society has become a grand goal of the Chinese people to continue.

  "Comprehensively built a well-off society, the most difficult and heavy tasks in rural areas, especially in poor areas.

No rural well-off, especially well without poor areas, there is no comprehensive construction of a well-off society. "In December 2012, Xi Jinping’s general secretary of Xi Jinping came to Xiaping County, Hebei Province, issued a mobilization order for award from the whole country.

In order to win this universal battle, 10,000 first secretary teams, more than 3 million first secretary and residential cadres, nearly 2 million township cadres and millions of village cadres, more than 1,800 party members, cadres Out of life … The Chinese Communist Party will honor solemn promise in one step by step. In the past eight years, the current standards of China under the current standards of 98.99 million rural poor are all poverty, 832 poor counties are all incident, and all of the poor villages are all listed. The brilliant chapter of the history history.

  "China has built a well-off society in an all-round way, historically solving absolute poverty problems, this news is encouraging.

"Egyptian" The Motherland Echo "wrote a trip, in the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party has led the Chinese people to create a miracle of the world, so that the new China has won the weakness of the rise.

"The correct leadership of the Chinese Communist Party will not have today’s prosperity. The trip to the avenue, the world is public.

The Communist Party of China has always made new and greater contributions to humans as their own mission. Building a well-off society in an all-round way, not only has historically changing the appearance of Shenzhou, but also promotes the development prosperity of various countries, bringing huge opportunities for the world economy, making significant contributions to world peace development.

Since 2006, China has become the largest contribution to the world economic growth for 15 consecutive years. Last year, China’s domestic product accounts for more than 17% of the total economic volume. Entering the Excelle, the Service and Trade Association, Canton Fair, Followress … One by one open cooperation platform, continues to open the door to the opportunity to share the world. On July 27, the 4th Jinfa will usher in countdown for 100 days. In the context of the global spread of new crown pneumonia, the world economic recovery is still unbalanced, and China clearly continues to hold the fourth-year entry, and in the third grade of the Expo, the integration of the credit will continue to be new. Help more enterprises to share the Chinese market opportunities, in order to promote the social economic resuscitation source to inject confidence and strength. "Comprehensive construction of a well-off society is not the end, but the new life, the starting point of the new struggle.

"On the new journey, struggle, go forward, we must create a better life, embrace more brilliant tomorrow! (Author is the commentator) (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Tong Zong Li) Sharing let more people see.

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