China Construction Bridge launched a new employee entry adaptive class

China Construction Bridge launched a new employee entry adaptive class. China Construction Bridge is awarded the inquiry ceremony of the year, July 20, and is a young festival in college graduates.

In order to help the new entrants successfully completed the role conversion, the Zhongjian Bridge Committee jointly established the 12355 Youth Service Desk of Chongqing, and launched the "I have the same thing for youth" theme practice activities, and launched a new job for new students. On July 19th, "Youth Peers · Dreams Say Air – Set Meet, One Dragon, Big Wind Blow, Bunch of Glycal Hourble, Collective Painting, etc., to entertain the way, Breaking the new employee’s original statement, and through the exchanges and interactions between unfamiliaries, to create contacts, understand each other, and cultivate the trust and tacit understanding between employees in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and then enhance the cohesiveness between employees and Heart. "Through interactivity, immersive team games, not only reduce the nervousness of new employees, let them feel the warmth and concern from China Construction Bridge" big family ", but also enhance everyone’s belongs to the new environment Sense, agreement. Sun Jian said.

  In the future, the Chinese Jian Bridge Group Committee will continue to link the government and group organizations to help the members youth solve the problem of urgent expensiveness, let "I do things for youth" truly land. (Hu Hong, Chen Zhuo) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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