Beijing City launches HIV infection high risk group pre-exposure prevention work

  Today is the 34th "World AIDS Day" in my country. This year’s theme is "Life until the end of HIV health is". Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Municipal CDC, November 24th, Beijing officially launched the exposure prevention (PREP) working on HIV infection with high-risk populations in the city, will pass the line, line The upper two modes are implemented. It is understood that in order to achieve the "China Containment and Prevention of AIDS" 13th Five-Year Plan "target requirements, the city is fully implemented, and the new control techniques and methods are also actively explored and applied. Prep is a new type of effective biological prevention method for HIV infection by taking antiviral drugs, which is suitable for HIV negative high-exposure risk people. When high-risk behavior, it began to take medicine beforehand.

  PREP has been implemented in many countries as part of the HIV comprehensive prevention strategy recommended by WHO. Based on the pilot work in recent years, China has released "China HIV Exposure Preventive Medicine Expert Consensus" in 2020.

Beijing is actively exploring working models, research service objects in the early pilot work, coordinating the responsibilities of the relevant institutional departments, and put a solid foundation for comprehensive standardization implementation of PREP. Prep, officially launched, will build a new line of defense for the AIDS prevention and treatment of Beijing.

  Beiqing reporter learned that the Beijing Sex AIDS Prevention Association, Beijing CDC has developed HIV exposure prevention program, working with various district disease control, related medical institutions, social organizations and Internet health services platform to jointly promote this work . PREP will be implemented in both lines and lines.

  Offline mode With the "Disease-Community Organization-Hospital" as the main body, each district disease control center will have a wide range of PREP promotion promotion, and provide consultants with consultants, and the two service modes on the offline Service information, etc. The Social Organization and Volunteer Group will provide the inquiry consultation and risk assessment, which provides a referral service of the pilot hospital for the high exposure risk of the assessment.

Beijing You’an Hospital and Beijing Ditan Hospital as a PREP’s clinical executive, will provide risk assessment and clinical diagnosis and clinical diagnosis and clinical diagnosis and treatment. For the evaluation results, high exposure risks, compliance with PREP medication conditions and have a willingness to take medicine. The doctor issued a prescription, launched the medication and followed up on time. As a supplement to the online service mode, online mode is based on the Internet health service platform, which can improve the availability of PREP and meet the needs of more high-risk people.

The Internet Health Service Platform has developed a PREP exclusive page, and users with demand can perform the risk assessment and medical assessment before PREP use after completing the informed consent operation.

Doctors entering the Internet platform can issue prescriptions for users who meet the conditions of use and inform the user to take the medicine method, possible risks and precautions. The exclusive pharmacist will conduct one-on-one communication with the user, verify the user’s related behavior and testing, tell the medication method, precautions, and tell the delivery time, etc., can provide the user with the PREP service package.

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