73 projects signed the total amount of the digital economic industry cooperation meeting exceeded 70 billion yuan

The People’s Daily NAS SELATION SELT (Wang Xiao Xiao) This afternoon, the Digital Economic Industry Cooperation Conference, which is jointly hosted by the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and China Electronic Technology Group, held in the Zhejiang Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center.

As the large province of digital economic industries, the total amount of industrial added value in Zhejiang Province is 4th, which is the national digital economic innovation and development test area. The total number of digital economies in the province reached 30.218 billion yuan in 2020, accounting for GDP (GDP) The specific gravity is%, the total scale is stable in the country, and there have been six super 100 billion-level industrial clusters such as software and information services, digital security, integrated circuits.

In addition, the Zhejiang Industrial Digital Index ranks first in the country. Through in-depth implementation of the digital economy "No. 1 Engineering", 263 intelligent factory (digital workshop) is cultivated, start implementing 30 sub-industrial industrial industries, 36 new intelligence pilots and 49 "future factories" Pilot construction. Lu Mountain, Vice Governor, Zhejiang Province, introduced that Zhejiang has a "soil" "soil" in Zhejiang, the broad application market, a good innovative ecological and superior business environment, inviting entrepreneurs participating in Zhejiang, rooted Zhejiang, propaganda Zhejiang, stay in Zhejiang in Zhejiang, put the focus of the focus in Zhejiang, and put the high-quality project in Zhejiang, help Zhejiang to continue to polish the digital economy "gold medal", and build a global digital change in the world, high Quality Development Construction Common Rich Demonstration Zone, building a greater contribution of socialist modernization. At the meeting, the signing ceremony of the digital economy project was held, 30 "industry brain" signed a task book, 33 "Future Factory" construction pilot projects and 40 digital economic cooperation projects were signed, including the "Future Factory" construction pilot Project equipment (including software) total investment billion yuan, total investment of digital economic cooperation projects over 60 billion yuan. It is understood that the "Industry Industry Brain" project is mainly focused on synthetic fiber, clothing, express delivery.

It is worth mentioning that these "industrial brains" is closely integrated with the local industries, such as the digital security industrial brain in Hangzhou and the brain of the biomedicine industry, Wenzhou Yueqing’s smart electrical industry brain, Shaoxing Xinchang’s bearing industry brain and other projects. Digital Economic Cooperation Project pays attention to the chain of chains.

Jiaxing Tongxiang Springs Town People’s Government and Zhejiang Ruizhao Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. signed a high-performance SSD Solid State Hard Disk Project, Zhejiang Taizhou City Construction Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. and the Church Logistics Group Co., Ltd. signed a new demonstration of Taizhou Green Digital Logistics Project, the signing of these projects will inject strong power into the construction of Digital Economic System in Zhejiang Province. (Editor: Wang Xiao Xiao, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see.

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