Baishuan County deploys autumn migratory migration protection and luggage monitoring and prevention

Autumn is the season of migratory birds. The season of cluster activities is also a high-performance period and the destruction of wildlife resources. In order to effectively improve the level of bird protection and management in Baishuan County, strengthen the monitoring and prevention and control of wild animal epidemic disease in the key period of the county, the Bayan County Forestry and Grassland will convene the county autumn migratory migration protection and The relevant person in charge of the Pharmacy Monitoring and Prevention and Control Work Conference, Guofin Field, Baiquan Forest Farm, Xian Dongshan Meihua Deer Nature Reserve and Shuangyang River Wetland Protected Areas attended the meeting.

The meeting requires that the members must attach great importance to this work, to set up a job, detailed deployment, and send a special person to the work of this work. In the autumn migratory migration protection, each member unit must strengthen the patrol of the mountain and wetlands. , The focus area sets the observation point, the Guofin farm and the Baishin forest farm should make full use of the watchtower to observe, once found hunting, phenomenon, immediately alarm; in terms of the monitoring and control of epidemic disease, Xian Dongshan Meihua Deer Nature Reserve must give full play to the country The technical advantages of the stage of the level of the prosecutive disease monitoring station are fully committed to monitoring the prevention and control of the county’s epidemic disease monitoring, especially with the macro deer, but also takes into account other wild animals and birds, and strictly prevent the occurrence of diseases such as avian influenza. Do a good job in monitoring, early warning forecasts, and emergency disposal.

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