Buy seafood, class channels to see clear

  There are many consumers who have recently reflected that there are many seafood varieties such as fish, shrimp and crabs on the market. However, merchants have different varieties of seafood products, and the storage processing methods are different, and the price is more chaotic, and they purchase themselves. Muster often fog water. Mr. Wang, who lives in Hexi District, Hedong, is reflected by the reporter. In the past few days, he bought the goldfish price in a large supermarket, "2 per box, less than 50 yuan, and similar fish market price More than 30 yuan per catty. " Mr. Wang said that the price is suitable, he bought 3 boxes of a total of 6 fish, but after returning home, she carefully viewed the label to find that the fish he bought is "refrigerated".

That is, the fish is frozen and the shelves are placed after the shelves. Mr. Wang said that the seafood thadied after frozen is not suitable for refrigeration again, and I bought 6 pieces, I can’t finish it once, I have to freeze again. In this way, the fish is not very fresh.

Mr. Wang said that, in general, the price of ice is more expensive, and the frozen will be cheaper. It seems like this is like a fragrant, and it is actually "refrigerated", for consumers. There is misleading.

  Ms. Li, Ms. Li reflected to the reporter. She also encountered her troubles when she bought salmon for some time. "The fresh salmon bought before, the unit price per kilogram is around 90 yuan to 100 yuan, and this time I buy more than 70 yuan per pound in the supermarket.

"Ms. Li found that this salmon meat of the price is not ideal, and the fish is not peeled." At the same time, bought the boxed salmon head is not good, and the box is covered in the fish head is some broken. Meat, fish bones. "Ms. Li said that the merchants sold are called" Ice Salmon Vulnese ", but the actual quality, the level is very different. And the merchant reduces the quality of the quality to the customer, nor the real benefits. In addition to the supermarket, some electricity The quality of seafood sold is not ideal.

Mr. Liu said in an interview that a few days ago, he bought a promotional frozen sea prawn on the Internet. From the picture provided by the merchant, the quality of shrimp should be good, and the head is big and fresh.

As a result, the shrimp was sent to the home, Mr. Liu found that shrimp is not only small, and there are many cases of breaking and break. The merchant argued that frozen products inevitably cause some damage due to transport bumps. As for the picture, the merchant said that it is not a real shot, for reference only. After several negotiations, the merchants gave Mr. Liu with some of the goods.

  Insiders in the aquatic industry suggest that consumers, the market is a wide variety of fresh water in Shanghai, and the commodity channel is more complicated, so there must be more consideration when purchasing. On the one hand, before buying, you must know the market, but also carefully understand the storage and transportation method of seafood.

For example, "Fresh" "Ice" "frozen" products, the price is definitely different.

Some seafood will also form a certain difference due to the different levels of processing.

On the other hand, we must try to choose a large-scale supermarket, standardized vegetable market or e-commerce platform and other regular purchase channels, refuse to lack of safety and regular sellers.


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