Beijing, the epidemic virus belongs to Delta variand

Original title: Beijing’s epidemic virus belongs to Delta variants, and the city has added aggregated epidemic, and the prevention and control situation is grim.

On November 10, the city added 6 cases of pneumonia-diagnosed cases and 1 case where no symptom infected. The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a message yesterday, which announced the progress of some of the genome sequencing of some cases, sequence analysis showed that viruses belong to Delta variability, and the city Fengtai District, Haidian District, Changping District Associated aggregated epidemic The gene sequence of gene sequences in early branch is highly homologous, which is the possibility of the same propagation chain.

At present, the epidemic disposal work of the relevant areas and units is still in progress. Some cases of viruses are in Delta variand according to the Municipal CDC, on November 10th, the city reported 1 case of foreign provisioning cases in Beijing, immediately responded, rapid action, strict implementation of various prevention and control measures Resolutely block the viral zone chain. As of 24:00, November 11, the city found 7 new crown viral infections associated with other provincial investigation cases, including 2 in Chaoyang District, 5 cases of Haidian District.

As of yesterday, the Beijing CDC has completed 5 cases of diagnosis of diagnosis of cases of viruses, sequence analysis showed that viruses belong to Delta variability, and the city Fengtai District, Haidian District, Changping District Associated aggregated epidemic situation The gene sequence of gene sequences of the propagation branch is highly homologous. It belongs to the same propagation chain. It does not exclude the possibility of propagation of potential infections in early Beijing, which is still in progress. . At present, there are three middle-risk regions from November 11th to 11 am, and 4 cases in the Xisanqi Street, Haidian District, add 4 cases of local confirmed cases, and 4 cases of urinary diagnosis cases were reported. After evaluation of the city’s disease control center, according to the "Beijing New Corpneum Pneumonia Epidemic Risk Standard", from November 11th, the West 3rd Flag Street in Haidian District is set as a medium-risk area. Up to now, there are 3 medium-risk areas in this city. For Changping District North Seven Town Hongfuyuan Community, Changping District Tiantongyuan North Street Tiantong Beiyuan, Haidian District, Xisanqi Street, Fu Li Taoyuan C District.

Other regions in the city are low-risk areas. After the nucleic acid detection of the East-door hospital, the relevant departments quickly carried out the disposal work.

Previously, Dongzhigume Hospital issued a stop announcement, due to the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia, visited Dongzhun Hospital Dongchengyuan District gynecological clinic, according to the requirements of the disease control department, from November 11th, Dongcheng District and International Department Suspend a visit.

Yesterday, Dongzhimen Hospital once again released the notice that the hospital completed the medical staff, hospitalized patients and third-party personnel nucleic acid detection and 60 points of environmental detection, and all negative.

  The Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Changping District of Beijing yesterday. According to the news released yesterday in Changping District, the Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Changping District has completed the environmental killing, the surveillance monitoring of the hospital is compliant with the over-level unit inspection and evaluation, on November 12.

On the next day, the Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Changping District implemented non-emergency examination, and the public can make an appointment via a telephone or network. Beijing Fully Rapid Planning Conference Activities This city has added aggregated epidemic in this city, and the prevention and control situation is grim. In this city, it is necessary to strictly enter the Beijing management joint defense coordination mechanism epidemic prevention provisions from strict investigation. In the Beijing-Beijing unit, the epidemic prevention responsibility is strict, and according to "who hosted, who is responsible", strengthen the management of conference activities, and advocates in video form.

Quickly troubleshoot the activities of the meeting, strict approval and disciplinary requirements, strictly control the county (city, district, flag) of the county (city, district, flag) personnel in the high-risk area to enter the Beijing GEW, and the closed-loop management is implemented during the meeting, and the personnel must not go out.

It is necessary to strengthen the guidance of epidemic prevention work in Beijing, assisting in the current epidemic prevention and control emergency treatment.

  The Municipal Disease Control Center reminds the general public friends to strictly perform personal prevention and control responsibility, and take the initiative to report to the community, units, hotels, etc., cooperate with various prevention and control measures, and do not go to the high-risk area. Travel, Recently, it is not necessary to leave Beijing, do not gather, no dinner, scientific wearing masks, stick to hard work, always ventilated, one-meter wire and other good hygiene habits, reduce the superimposed risk of winter respiratory infectious diseases. Text / This reporter Jiang Ruoyi Li Zewei Related news Changping unsappur cell surrounding merchant epidemic prevention acceptance of this newspaper (Reporter Wang Wei) On November 8 In addition to control management, other buildings are officially unsained. On November 9, No. 6, Xinyue Home Park, Chengbei Street, Changping District (except for the 30th floor). Yesterday, Beiqing reporter learned from the Changping District Market Supervision Bureau that the surrounding merchants around the universal community are recovering, but the recovery needs to pass the control department’s epidemic prevention measures, and after passing the business. It is understood that in order to ensure the orderly resumption of the surrounding market in the universal community, the Changping District Market Supervision Bureau is assisting the merchants to do acceptance.

At present, there is a guidance and inspection of 29 households around the Sandy Baizhuang Xiyi District and 29 households around the Xinyue Home Community of Chengbei Street, requiring merchants to implement measures for the implementation of epidemic prevention and control. As of November 12th, 18 households around Shahe Bazhuang Xiyi District, 13 households around the Chengbei Xinyue Home, received qualified and completed, other market mains were carrying out the preparations before completion of acceptance, the market order is overall .

  How can merchants recover? Northern Youth Daily learned that the law enforcement officers are working on their own inspection and guidance, supervising the market entities strictly implement the subject responsibility of the epidemic prevention and control and various epidemic prevention and control measures, and guide the market main disinfection and use ratio and use. Normalization Do a good job in the production of business places.

At present, for the new market subject, the application is accompanied by the application, mainly checking the setting of one-meter line, the internal murder process, the staff nucleic acid detection and vaccination, and the staff disinfectant comparison and usage.

For the counseling, the law enforcement personnel will be arranged, and the law enforcement personnel are arranged until it meets the standard. In the guidance, law enforcement officers also reminded the market main body person in charge to undertake out and temporary food, do a good job in the service, strengthen the training of the store and solve the staff, and do not pay the store.

  Changping District Market Supervision Bureau said that law enforcement officers will also take daily inspections, and the combination of wrong peak enforcement, the uninterruptible supervision and inspection of the surrounding market surrounding markets in the uninterrupted community is uninterrupted. (Editor: Pool Dream, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

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