Chen Baosheng: How to make a "future road"

People’s Network Beijing May 16th (Liu Yuting) Intelligent era Today, the International Artificial Intelligence and Education Conference opened in Beijing, the Minister of Education, the Ministry of Education, attended the chart, China firmly reported that this meeting was regularly held, striving to build it into an emotional, dissemination of ideas, and sharing the important bridge of wisdom. Be aware of the latest achievements, grasp the important window of the latest trend, and become an important international platform for communication information and cooperative negotiation. Chen Baosheng mentioned in the report that artificial intelligence is an effective means of achieving educational ecological reconstruction. The depth of artificial intelligence technology is widely used in education. It will thoroughly change the time and space scenes and supply levels of education, will achieve information sharing, data fusion, The business coordinates, intelligent services, the overall operation process changes, making the individualization and diversified education under the premise of scale, thereby constructing a new flexible, open and lifelong personalized educational ecosystem. Intelligent technology has broken the inherent ecology of the traditional education system to began to move towards intelligent education. Chen Baosheng pointed out that while highly paying attention to artificial intelligence promotes education development, we must pay close attention to the problems and challenges of artificial intelligence to education. Ditch, etc. We must adhere to active careful attitudes, and strive to take the way of intelligent education development in the future. Chen Baosheng believes that the future intelligent education development may have the following roads.

Popularization road into discipline, enter professional, enter the course, into the teaching materials & hellip; & hellip; Chen Baosheng said that we will put artificial intelligence knowledge as a prerequisite and foundation. Submit new technologies, new knowledge, new changes in artificial intelligence, and summarize the new discourse system, according to different cognitive characteristics of large and medium-primary school students, let artificial intelligence new technology, new knowledge into the discipline, enter professional, enter the course, into the textbook , Enter the classroom, enter the teaching plan, enter the mind, so that students have basic awareness, basic concepts, basic literacy, basic interests on artificial intelligence.

With popularization, there is a rich soil, it is possible to grow a big tree.

We also need to guide teachers to set relevant knowledge and skills courses in teaching and on-the-job training, and cultivate teachers’ ability to implement intelligent education.

In the university continuing education and training, we have added courses and knowledge about artificial intelligence in the science activities, and further promote the intelligent education of the whole people and enhance the artificial intelligence of the whole people.

The intelligent intelligence of the integration of the integration of education and artificial intelligence industry is an unlimited variable technology. New creative, new technologies, new products will be able to grow at the speed of our imagination. Chen Baosheng puts forward, we have to build the actual needs of talent training, scientific research and education management, establish a docking dialogue mechanism for education and artificial intelligence industries, and create innovation in the industry and create new products in time into educational technology, steadily promotion including intelligence Smart campus construction in the classroom, intelligent laboratory, intelligent library and other facilities, provide more infrastructure of more and better artificial intelligence education. The road to change the school education teaching change, school governance mode change & hellip; & hellip; play well, use good artificial intelligence technology to promote school education teaching change, promote the change of school governance methods, and promote the role of lifelong online learning. Chen Baosheng put forward, coordinating the integrated intelligent education platform, establishing an educational teaching data support system, intelligent technological innovation, reforming teaching methods and education evaluation system, promoting deep learning, cross-border integration, human machine, group To help implement abilities, construct an intelligent lifelong education system.

Promote the scientific and resource allocation of education teaching decisions with intelligent technology and the refinement of education management, and enhance the ability of education governance. Promote the professional development of teachers with artificial intelligence, comprehensively enhance the level of teachers to use artificial intelligence education technology and the development of artificial intelligent education resources. Innovative Road Exploring the Development Strategy, Standard Specification and Promotion Path of Intelligent Education We will use technological innovation as a lead power, carry out intelligent education application strategic research, explore the development strategy, standard specification, and advancement path of intelligent education.

Chen Baosheng said, actively promoting the establishment of a long-acting input mechanism, gathering high-quality discipline resources and universities, and optimizing the intelligent education technology research and development system integrating industrial research, fully excavating the demand for real development, and promoting new generation of artificial intelligence The development of relevant disciplines actively promotes the transformation of artificial intelligent innovation results in the field of education.

At the same time, we will also pay more attention to digital fairness, play the leading role of public finances, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects, in particular the corporate industry, industry community, and strive to increase investment in rural areas, remote areas, poverty-stricken areas, configuration more Resources, provide better services, let technology bridge the gap and reduce the gap.

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