Chengdu Jintang: The wilderness has changed in Li Ziyuan politicism to promote development

People’s Network Chengdu July 1st (Wang Jun) Currently, it is the time when the new variety of plums in May.

In the plum garden of Jinxiu Li Zhuang, Gu Zhuang, Jinxi County, Chengdu, Jintang County, Jinxiu, Li Zhuang, Yangtang, a festive in May, full of fruit, full of color. Some wholesalers in Chengdu have already contacted the farm person in charge, and many tourists in the park also pick it on-site. It is reported that the ancient top villages in Zehao Town are the relatively weak villages in Jinotang County. In addition to the position of the traffic, the villagers can only choose from work, but now through the county to help farmers policy Vigorously support, many villagers can have work at home and have income.

"I contracted this land close to 200 mu, planting three varieties of plums, fiercely mature in May, then Qingyi Li, Sakurahong Li, the first year of this year, the fruit quality is still good," Jinxiu Li Zhuang Li Hui, the person in charge of the family farm, said Li Hui is the old top-top villager, and I have been working in the field. I will see that my hometown has caused a lot of desolate land because of the shortage of labor, because of the feelings of the hometown, land. Let him feel very delicious.

"I heard that the support of the county to help farmers will have a lot of support, plus I have some savings, I decided to turn the land, restore these former fertile soil, planting plums." Today, Li Ziyuan has been greatly Harvest.

The reporter learned that planting plums have been an important source of income of many villagers in Changlong Town. The town’s plum planting area is as high as 2,395 mu, the output is about 400 catties / mu, with an annual total output of 10,000 yuan, and the output value can reach 9.58 million.

This year, the town also invested more than 1.5 million yuan to build 4 large-scale reservoirs, more than 20 kilometers of irrigation pipe networks, and 13 parts of the subunions, helping agriculture better development.

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