Beijing no longer approval new discipline training institution

Original title: Beijing no longer approval of the new discipline training institution’s Ministry of Education held a news ventilation meeting yesterday, introducing the "double mining" work.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission revealed that Beijing will no longer review the new discipline training institutions. The Ministry of Education will improve the supporting policies, govern the various competitions of the "International" banner, and increase the investigation and punishment of "one-to-one", "crowdfunding private education" and other invisible variations. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission said that in order to implement the "double minus" policy, Beijing no longer approval new discipline training institutions, and the implementation of the offline underwater offline registration, solving too many training institutions Ablation. All underline discipline training institutions are re-audited as required, requiring the necessary licenses, training fees, incorporating fund supervision, in line with the Beijing "Training Institutions", "Training Code of Training", "Training Agency Normalization Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Guidelines" Three specification documents are required to resume offline training. In terms of fund supervision, the institutional pre-recovery fees under Beijing’s recovery lines have been included in the fund supervision, and will fully strengthen the pre-recovered risk management control of the discipline training institutions, guarantee fund safety, and effectively prevent "refund is difficult", "roll money running road" Waiting for the new hair of the problem. In terms of training institutional staff, Beijing has launched a special service season of teaching and training industry, with a total of more than 10,000 household units, including 366 career preparations in all districts of the city.

  According to the "Double Reduction" work monitoring platform, as of September 22, there are thousands of compulsory education schools (excluding boarding schools and village primary schools) have filled out post-class service information, of which% of the school provides after-school services. There are 10,000 students to participate in the post-class service, the students’ participation rate is 85%, of which% of the students participate in the whole day; 10,000 teachers participate in the post-class service work, accounting for the number of teachers of these schools, and hired thousands Famous professionals participate in post-class service work. The person in charge of the Ministry of Education School Education and Training Regulators said that the next Ministry of Education will continue to improve the development of supporting policies, accelerate other supporting policies and regulations such as pre-recovery supervision; research amended the competition management method, governing the "International" banner Competition; at the same time, improve the "reform and reform" process, further clarify the publicity period, asset-related policies, etc. Non-disciplinary institutions are synchronized. Accelerate the progress of the legislative legislation of the school training management, and incorporate the non-secondary institutions.

The person in charge also emphasized that the Ministry of Education will strengthen the coordination with relevant departments, coordinate various ways to use various ways, and increase the "one-to-one", "high-end housekeeping", "crowded private education", "home teachers" The investigation and punishment of invisible variation violations, and the "double reduction" supervision is carried out in a timely manner, and the provinces slowly strengthened a targeted guidance to help, and seriously accountable for those who do not in place their duties.

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