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Source: Xinhua Net Recently, with the Senior New Crown Pneumonia, the new crown pneumonia in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Tongliao City, the epidemic situation, Xing’an League Al-Mushan Municipal Party Committee, the government attaches great importance to the comprehensive deployment, rapidly adjusting the city’s leading cadres and workers to participate in more than 1,200 people In the process of prevention and control.

The East Control and Control Headquarters of the Alishan City will launch party organizations at all levels in an important field of epidemic prevention and control. Keep the key level to form a temporary party branch, and build the epidemic prevention and control "Red Fortress". In the epidemic prevention and control, the majority of party members also write unlimited loyalty to the party and people in accordance with practical actions.

  Early, under the leadership of the Ershi Street Epidemic Prevention and Control Temporary Party Branch, 20 party members held a solemn swear on the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint, and made a vow. The branch secretary emphasizes the payment of the work, this is issued by the party members, the party members, the police party members, the community party members, and the party branch of the party members, and immediately put into the working state, and strictly investigate the past vehicles, doing Before the personnel investigated, the personnel were controlled before, and the card was inspected before, and the emergency stopped before. "Today, we set up the Temporary Party Branch of Irshi Street Epidemic Prevention and Control Situation, and also held a sense of strong theme party day activities. The purpose is only one, which is to play the combat strikes of the branch, and give full play to the pioneering model of each party. Do work in the work of the epidemic prevention and control, to ensure the lives and property safety of the people in the jurisdiction.

"Gao Jianqiang said next to Hulunbeier and Manzhouli, and shoulder the major mission and responsibility of guarding the peace of the United States. The Epidemic Prevention and Control Check Point of Tianchi Town in Alishan City is the junction of Alshan and Hulunbeier. Important area of ??prevention and control work. After the establishment of the Temporary Party branch of the epidemic situation of Tiandi Town, the party members and cadres from the streets, the public security traffic police, the autumn border police station police, the police station formed a cohesive force. Face the epidemic prevention and control Hard work, the tired test, the party members show a rigorous and serious attitude style, and they have completed all the work in order, "our passengers are very many, just caught up with today’s weather, seven winds, zero More than 20 times, but as a party member, we will definitely carry forward the spirit of not afraid of being tired, keeping Xing’an League. "Tianchi Town Epidemic Prevention and Control Inspection Point Temporary Party Branch member Ren Hong said. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic, the new city street is prevention and control monitoring service point, the party members, retired party members, etc., the new city street epidemic prevention and control Monitoring Service Point Temporary Party Branch, give full play to the fighting fortress role and Communist Party’s pioneering model, built a safety line for multiple jurisdictions. The Temporary Party branch of Xincheng Street Testing Point has more than 30 party members, mainly from the New Town Street Party Branch. There is also a member of the Senang Community and the Party Branch of Peace Community.

Here, the average of more than one thousand cars per day, more than 2,000 people, the main job responsibility is to monitor all the pass vehicles and personnel, and fully guarantee the safety of Irdin Street, Xincheng Street, Linhai Street. "Xincheng Street Epidemic Prevention and Control Monitoring Service Point Temporary Party Branch Secretary Wu Huifang said.

  In order to better practice the "people-centered" work tenet, the Wuman Street Party Crafts Committee fully exerted the leading role of urban grassroots party organizations in the grassroots social governance, and quickly act established the Eppartom Temporary Party Branch, relying on the grid Management, tightly work around the epidemic prevention and control center, actively fulfill the duties of the account investigation, policy propaganda, and fully implement the joint defense joint control measures to build a strict defense line of group defense. "As a member of the Temporary Party Branch of the Pioneer Pioneer, our party members are very hard every day. Every time everyone has averaged more than a dozen hours. Every morning, the time at noon, mainly the next households to check, In the family of the residents, I learned about the situation of each household, summarize the data; every afternoon, I have to send some party members, go deep into the merchant, promote the knowledge of epidemic prevention. We don’t say so, don’t you say Trough, show out the excellent character of the Communists.

Li Fang, member of the Temporary Party Branch of Hot Spring Street, Temporary Party Branch. (Wu Qiong, Liu Dan).

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