99 provincial government units in Jiangsu, a total of "sun" this year’s highlights

Original title: Innovation for the development of the main development, firstham on December 8, the innovation and excellent evaluation activities of 99 provincial government units.

Representatives of various units, in 7 minutes, tell this year’s innovation, and create excellent results, accept the judges on-site score. Highlights have judged, giving the units of the organs to launch innovation "engine", seek development, and fighting first-class vivid practices. Concentrate, promoting high quality development this year, it coincides with the party for a hundred years, a festive activities, inspiring the enthusiasm of the province’s cadres and the people who love the party patriotism, co-contributing the "strong rich and beautiful" new Jiangsu modernization construction new chapter.

The Provincial Party Propaganda Department took the lead in organizing the "China Communist Party in Jiangsu" history show, "Forever with the party", "the party will continue to promote the Chinese party history education; the provincial party committee network" "I know you more than any time "Series short video, with more than 100 million click quantitative screens; the Provincial Party Temple History Office passed the" Party history + exhibition "" Party history + audio "" Party history + preaching "and other innovative activities, deep digging, live red resources; The provincial archives use new ideas, new ways, new initiatives, talking about the party history of the red archives; the Provincial Wenmpia Company organizes more than 20 major cultural activities to build a hundred years, creating "100-year Jiangsu" large-scale art boutique creation project … The 14th Party Congress is a very important meeting of the new journey of moving modernization in our province.

Forming a good report is an important indicator of the successful convening of party generations; enhances the level of meeting work is an important guarantee for the successful convening of party generations. The Provincial Party Office has undertaken the party generations to report drafting and conventional preparations, and strongly guarantee the success of the General Assembly.

The provincial party committee organizes the introduction of good talents, formulating the provincial "14th Five-Year" talent development plan, proposing a batch of traction, high policies and high policies and institutional arrangements.

The Provincial Party Committee Disease Department issued the "Implementation Measures for the Coordination Mechanism of Private Economic Economic Economic Economic Economic Economics", and helped the province’s private economic development through specialization and specialization services.

The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is deeply invested in detailing the corruption problems behind the local government’s hidden debt, and promoting the provincial government to introduce government financing platform companies to invest financing behaviors, and the functional departments have established improved local government implicit debt comprehensive supervision systems, and will fulfill supervision "First duties" is closely combined with the "First Topsens of Service".

In order to stabilize the "three rural" crimping stone, the provincial agricultural rural residents will be the construction of major projects in agricultural rural projects this year, launching the construction of major agricultural rural projects, letting the elements resources live. 1220 construction projects in the province, annual investment of 106.8 billion yuan, incorporating more than 1,000 reserve projects.

This year, the total grain produces Daily kilograms, and has a new high history.

In the first three quarters, the per capita disposable income of farmers in our province was 20,267 yuan, urban and rural income ratio, continued to shrink. The Provincial Wentai Hall passed the first history of the highest Wen travel consumption in history, and the new situation of the promotion of the Quality of Wenbao consumption was opened, and the effect was achieved in "wearing a mask."

The first three quarters of this year, the total amount of Wenbao consumption in the province is 232.6 billion yuan, accounting for the national%, and the first provinces. Pioneering and innovation, contributing the "Jiangsu program" unit units with high quality development as distinctive orientation, actively pioneering and innovative, shaping "Jiangsu brand", contributing "Jiangsu program." The Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee organized the "Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress" 14th "Work Plan", ensuring that the work of the People’s Congress and the overall situation of the province’s reform and development, the same frequency resonance, synchronous coordination.

The Office of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress is promoted to this innovation practice. The provincial court promoted the "home-door" litigation service reform of the province, enhancing the overall performance of the service, and this reform was promoted to the National Political and Legal Committee. Under the provincial altitude, our province has taken the lead in introducing the internal audit work of the internal audit work, the first to build a departmental linkage collaborative mechanism, and the relevant practices are promoted throughout the country.

A solid initiative, a first in the country. The Provincial Procuratorate took the lead in introduced "25 opinions" for private enterprises, diversified protection, and proposing the judicial judgment standard for promoting enterprise production and development, and facilitating ensuring employee’s livelihoods, and facilitating maintaining social stability. The Provincial Water Resources Department took the lead in the introduction of provincial-level Happy River Lake construction "guidance", and took the lead in developing provincial "evaluation methods" and "scoring standards", the whole country promoted the construction of Happiness River Lake. Our provincial river system practice, as the only case in the field of ecological civilization construction, entry into the national affair case, this year, Beijing specializes in the world.

The country’s first "high-speed rail", built the country’s first highway provincial "cloud control platform", which is the sincerity of the provincial transportation department to improve the quality of travel; the Provincial Natural Resources Office in the country’s first "planner "Working mechanism, targeting rural planning construction of heavy city, grassroots, grassroots planned talents, etc.) Management reform; the provincial party committee is based on the leading to implement the "provisions of the operation", actively explore the comprehensive law enforcement new model of the big data era, give full play to the superimposed team of science and technology, flat-parallel command, actualization team, grid management Advantages make law enforcement more accurate, more efficient, and more standardized. In many fields, our province hand over the "maximum answer volume". The Provincial Health Jiterary Committee has completely improved the senior health service system, and 20 of the provinces completed 20 seconds and older hospitals, including 8 three-level elderly hospitals, 108 rehabilitation hospitals and 310 nursing institutes.

The quantity of these kinds of service agencies is the first of the country.

The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology promotes the depth of digital technology and manufacturing, and% of the province’s% of the company realizes the digitalization of production equipment. 58% of enterprises realize key process control,% enterprise popularize digital research and development and design tools, these indicators are also in the country. .

The Provincial Intellectual Property Office takes the lead in building intellectual property protection centers in the country, and the central number and industrial coverage are ranked first in the country. Do a good job, improve the people’s happiness to increase the people’s livelihood, first to solve the problem of "rush to expectations".

The Provincial Political Consultative Conference has strongly considers the new pattern of the CPPCC to contact the service masses. The Provincial County CPPCC has carried out a total of 10,000 consecutive discussions, and the members of the 10,000 people participated, which boosted to solve the problem of 10,000 people. The "Internet + Supervision" platform in the Jiangsu Provincial Government Office will be developed by the Provincial Government Office in the Provincial Government Office, and the "Ten Years of Boys" and deepened the "Ten Years" Reform Optimization Camp. In commercial environmental supervision, publicly collecting problems clues and play an important role. The reporter found that multiple units exceeded the 2021 provincial government’s livelihood practical things. For example, the Provincial Women’s Federation built 639 family education guidance service demonstration communities, and the Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation was 15,729 people in the province. The "Dream Cabin" project implemented by the Group, providing normal services for a group of "fact orphans", and has become the number of adolescents in our province.

Enterprises, the masses are more convenient in our province.

The Provincial Administrative Office actively promotes the "one thing" reform, optimizes the process, compresses the approval time, streamlined the application materials, and the service guide. The Provincial Public Security Department has pushed the "comprehensive window" construction in the province. Up to 592 police stations in the province, the province, the province’s 592 police stations, can do 3 categories of household government, car driving pipes, entry and exit, and serve the masses 341 More than 10,000 people. The Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau construction 32 "15 minutes medical insurance service circles" provincial demonstration point, accumulating the people more than 150,000 people. "The innovation and excellent evaluation has become the provincial government unit, the provincial government unit, the important platform to catch up, the same competition, which has strongly promoted all units to set their own things, and constantly promote theoretical innovation, practice innovation, and institutional innovation. Cultural innovation and other innovations.

Li Wei, deputy director of the provincial party committee, director of the provincial party committee, said "" In order to implement the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of the province, further play the role of the assessment baton, lead the provincial government unit ‘"strive, strive Demonstration, walk in the forefront ‘, this year, the provincial party committee has been optimized to improve the review mechanism, such as establishing an expert scoring quality assessment system, so that innovation and excellence is more fair and fair, and the provincial government unit is struggling to invite the strength. "□ Our reporter Xu Guanying correspondent Chen Jian (editor: Xiao Yu, Tang Wei) sharing more people to see.

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