Banan: Building road logistics and improve opening level

  Chongqing Highway cross-border bus opened 2824 trains, the value of 1.26%, 117% increased, and became an important joint point for the western region and ASEAN trade; ASEAN goods set into the city opened, further enhanced the distribution of goods of goods, The created import and export featured commodity display trading platform; South Peng B guarantees imported zone value of over 5 billion yuan, an increase of 60% … 2020, Chongqing Highway logistics base, a set of bright economic data released. There is no large railway, aviation and port hub in the front of Banan. However, in recent years, the district is a rapid growth of cross-border logistics, which has been the main road of ASEAN, and has become one of the important bearing places in the Western Luhai New Channel; Bonded Logistics Center, Customs Supervision Center, The open platform and other open platforms such as ASEAN goods continue to improve, service landlood open effects demonstrated; business logistics leading enterprises gathered, professional market, e-commerce, integrated logistics, international trade four industrial clusters flourished, a hundred billion-level commercial logistics new city Rising … Chongqing cross-border road bus departs through 5000 shifts in November 2020, Chongqing Cross-border Road shuttle in the Bonded Logistics Center in Chongqing City, full-carved Chongqing cross-border road shuttle departs to Kazakhstan, about 5900 kilometers, with time 12 days. This is the 2nd Central Asian operation line opened after the opening of the ASEAN National Operation Line, which means that Chongqing cross-border road logistics "Friends" is further expanded to Central Asia, Chongqing’s external channel radiation capacity is further Enhanced.

  August 2019, the relevant state ministries issued the "land and sea in western New Channel Master Plan" clearly "Chongqing is located in full ‘along the way’ and the Yangtze River economic belt intersection of regional advantages, channel construction logistics center operations and organization.

"As smooth and" Marine Silk Road "connecting, creating inland western" China – ASEAN Free Trade Area "cargo distribution center in 2016, Chongqing highway logistics base in Chongqing Chongqing public transport group set up jointly by ASEAN international public transport logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ASEAN company"), the CDB mainly for cross-border road shuttle ASEAN.

After several years of efforts, Chongqing shuttle cross-border road transport network covering Indochina, Central Europe and effective convergence of trains, Hong Kong and the northern Gulf sea.

And the establishment of overseas distribution warehouse and logistics nodes in major cities in the country, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and more than 30, has become an important carrier of new land and sea channel construction in the West. Data show that Chongqing shuttle cross-border road since starting April 28, 2016, as of now, has exceeded 50 flights, shipping 11252 international standard containers, weighing about tons, the total value of about 29 billion yuan.

2020 full-year 2824 in which the grid frequency, 6354 international standard shipping containers, weighing about 50,000 tons, with a total value of about 14 billion yuan.

  50 Yujia Long head of global logistics enterprises gather Banan bonded logistics center at the base, the staff Jingdong Global buys warehouse is being packaged, automated a black bar like a roller coaster track road, criss-cross the clouds, all kinds of all sorts of goods run as encoded on the track, falling into the distribution methodically sorting loading port, a large number of overseas products in concentrated here and express delivery to consumers.

  The project operator Lee spread upward to reports, the warehouse is the only global share Jingdong warehouse in the Southwest, "settled in the beginning of 2017, only 1,000 single-day orders, products are mainly baby products.

With the Chongqing highway logistics base has improved, and now the average daily orders increased to 5000 alone, more than 1,500 varieties of products expanded to Beauty, maternal and child health care products, daily necessities and so on. Last year, business volume grew 70 percent, ‘two-eleven’ single-day orders reached 70,000.

"As the electricity supplier giant, Jingdong Group why Lazi Chongqing highway logistics base? Jingdong Group, responsible person, Chongqing highway logistics base is the country’s excellent logistics park, Chongqing international trade and logistics center, and the western land and sea, the new channel is important bearer, the settled fancy the location advantage, platform advantages and industrial base here.

Meanwhile, Chongqing highway logistics base in recent years, efforts to improve the business environment for enterprises to carry out the whole "nanny service."

  Based on this, Chongqing highway logistics base and have introduced SF, Shen Tong, Tong and other projects, currently has more than 50 logistics enterprises gathered in Chongqing highway logistics base, secondary investment business over 3000, formed a relatively complete business logistics industrial clusters, to promote trade and logistics industry cluster effect the formation of Banan District in the city. One hundred billion trade logistics Metro ready to set sail to walk in Chongqing highway logistics base, 40 km park road, 270,000 square meters of standard factory buildings, 300,000 square meters of public rental, and more high-end residential real estate has been built sewage treatment plants, buses station living facilities, schools and other continuous improvement.

45 km2 planning logistics base is now planning to achieve coverage of about 15 square kilometers, the city produced a fusion of commerce Logistics Park is on the rise. Gathering logistics industry has attracted a gathering of industry and trade.

In the south China city of Chongqing, integrated logistics center is growing rapidly, professional market and project facilities have been open and operating, there will be built logistics, e-commerce, convention and exhibition and other functions in an integrated market, covering food, clothing, building materials, automobile and motorcycle accessories, lighting and other fields.

  Channel with logistics, with logistics and trade, and trade with industry, in recent years, Chongqing highway industry development trend of strong logistics base, has been formed to Jingdong, SF as the representative of e-commerce industry cluster, the bonded logistics center, cross-border road shuttle carrier international trade of industrial clusters, the city in southern China, the letter agreement the car park as the representative of the professional market cluster to ProLogis as the representative of integrated logistics industry cluster.

  Western Interior "change" open Heights, road logistics base for leap development of Banan district is integrated into national strategies, dig their own advantages, to extend the industrial chain, production integration of the city development.

Last year, Shen Tong and other six projects started, Jingdong warehouse Chongqing fresh six projects put into operation, annual market turnover of about billion, an increase of 36%. With a number of key investment projects coming into operation next year, turnover is expected to reach 100 billion yuan scale. "Fourteen" period, we will continue deep into the Banan District "along the way" building, expanding bonded, customs control and other functions, to open up new business channels transport, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial chain, supply chain, persevere and to build an international logistics center in Chongqing the western land and sea carrying important new channel, the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle road Twins logistics hub, the trade between the headquarters base. Yuanqi Fang (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Yi).

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