Biden was exposed three times to reject the Russian sanctions scheme: not tough enough

(June this year, Geneva, Switzerland, Putin and Biden meeting), said that the report also said that a Biden government’s current official did not think so, the official said that the external person may prefer straight-out classification, but the reality is not Such.

Our relationship with Russia is complicated, saying that some people are tough or weak, and the way we deal with these complex problems is simplified. Back to the article originally broke the news, report that when you were asked for many dismisions, the senior officials of the Biden government said that Biden did not ask those sanctions more punitive, or to harm the Russian people. On the contrary, this US President hopes to ensure sanctions is wise and careful so that they can change the behavior of the Clog.

Recently, Western countries are tense with Russia. In the "Times" published on this month, Carter, British Defense staff, warned that the risk of accidental outbreak war between Western countries and Russia was great than during the Cold War. In recent days, Western countries not only hold military exercises against Russia in the Black Sea, but also assemble military power to the border areas of Poland and Belarus.

At the same time as military threats, Western countries continue to render Russian threats.

Today, the Russian TV station and other Russian media invoked the experts to comment, resulting in a global, especially the situation in Europe, is a Western state. Western intentional enhancements with Russian relationships, highlighting the aggression behavior of Moscow. The United States deliberately intensifies the tensions in the Black Sea, I hope to stimulate Russia to take overboot.

Ivasham, Dean of the Research Institute of Russian Earth Political, said that in the conflict between the West and Russia and Belarus, the United States is a black hand behind the scene. US officials issued orders to NATO’s European Member States, provocating Russia, pushing the world to the war, because the United States is experiencing a deep crisis, this is the rules of capitalism: War support USA.

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