Centenary Lighthouse "Hand in Hand" Modern Communication: The first sea high-speed broadband network in the Yellow Sea Sea

People’s Network Qingdao November 15th, in early 2021, in Shandong Qingdao, I saw the Sun’s Qiari Rock Island, China Unicom and the Beihai Navigation Center Qingdao Communication Center, the Qingdao Navigation Department has opened 4G base station, Unicom signal exclusive coverage, let The island standing in the 100-year lighthouse has taken into information network era from the world. This marks that the first sea high-speed broadband grid is completed in the Yellow Sea Sea, combined with LTE, microwave, 5G, MEC edge slices and other technologies, islands, Dafu Island, Chaoilian, and thousands of rock islands and other islands to achieve high-speed network series In the end, the network covered by the 70-nautical selection of Qingdao Port, the network covers the high seas, and opened the "last kilometer" of Ocean and Lu. Under the national strategic guidance of the construction of marine strength, online strong country, China Unicom and North Sea Navigation Center Qingdao Communication Center strongly jointly fulfilled its functions such as maritime traffic safety, communication safety, information construction, etc., launched Qingdao Port main channel The network planning and deployment, and signed a construction agreement in May 2020, on the basis of the 5G base station in the upgrade retrogenic island, Dafu Island, and Chaoi Island, proposed a new 4G communication base station for the Qiari Rock Island.

And before this, Qingdao Port Watership Boat Communications is limited to routine communication such as telephone, fax, email, SMS and low speed data. The main channel can only achieve broadband communication coverage of approximately 10 nautical miles, sea information is isolated, and it is difficult to meet the wisdom maritime. And intelligent aviation insurance construction needs.

"From Qingdao to 2004, the communication on the marine channel has been in the short-wave communication era. It is implemented in GMDSS international general technology, mainly used for sea call, safety information broadcasting, and emergency alarms, and satellite communication because of expensive price Normal ships take into account the cost, and there is not much opportunity to use.

"Dong Yutong, director of Qingdao Communication Center, Beihai Navigation Center.

Therefore, although the communication technology on the land is different from the new moon, but there is no progress in maritime communication. "Coastal is the most frequent area of ??water activities, build a good coastal high-speed communication network, can solve a large part of the needs, this is a public welfare service, Unicom as a responsible central enterprise is not allowed, take the initiative to build this marine information infrastructure Task.

"Dong Yutong expressed its fullness to China Unicom. The difficulty of this construction is that China Unicom has determined the construction plan in the process of survey and construction in half a year, and invests nearly 1 million yuan for project construction.

Since the lighthouse on the island has a hundred years of history, in order to protect the "cultural retrieval" facilities, after two upper island surveys, it finally determined the construction plan of the island’s subsidiary buildings as equipment room.

It is not easy to investigate, and even more difficulties are that all installation materials must be transported over the sea. There is no electricity on the island, you must choose solar power supply equipment, 45 30 kg of solar photovoltaic board, 120 35 kg heavy lead-acid batteries, 360 kg heavy switch power supply, several tons of galvanized plate, battery steel groove Wait, all depends on manual handling. In addition to drinking water on the island, the lack of food, life materials also need to carry out the past.

12 construction workers, a total of 18 days before and after, rented multiple fishing boats, driving 7-8 hours to the Triago Island, and then lifted by artificial shoulders, toughly to the island’s top base station.

The network is built, and the tower of the Taska, the paleo of the milky rock, finally worshiped by the family for the first time. The day of waiting is no longer alone! The 100-year channel lighthouse finally hosted with modern communication technology, and since then, a hundred years is no longer isolated from the world.

Unicom’s test was tested at the Qiari Rock Island. The download rate reached around 170MB / s. The upstream rate reached around 40Mb / s. It not only conveniently ended the information on the island, but also for the route of this island square. The vessel provides a mobile communication signal. After the first high-speed broadband road shop in the Huanghai Sea, it will achieve the focus of the market monitoring, the safeguards of emergency rescue and communication ship navigation, and the demand for maritime data return and employee network needs. The sea new ecology of the integration, build a modern navigation system, and help the "all the way" and the construction of marine powers.

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