Chengdu "Bao Ma" joins the anti-vloural line: the epidemic prevention staff have worked hard, I want them to rest on the weekend

Original title: Chengdu "Bao Ma" joins the anti-vloal first line: the epidemic prevention personnel have worked hard, I want them to rest on the weekend "Please cooperate with the health code, test the body temperature …" November 7 Early, in Chengdu High-tech Zone And the entrance of the Zhongde City State Community in the street, Liang Wanjiang, is in the cold wind, holding a small speaker and body temperature gun, and is not annoying the residents of the past.

She is a volunteer in Chengdu Epidemic Prevention and Control Team.

At the same time, she is also a "treasure mother" of two children. This weekend, Liang Wanjiang gave up the rest time and added to the

At 6:30 on November 7, she took the initiative to register. She said, "These days of the epidemic, the staff on duty is too hard, I want to change them with weekends, let them take a break.

"Assist in community registration investigation, keeping card points, suggesting residents to prevent disease prevention … From the morning to night, Liang Wanjiang has been busy prevention and control of the first line in Chengdu epidemic.

"Chengdu is very cold, but can’t stop the enthusiasm of party members and volunteers." The relevant person in charge of the Zhonghe Street in Chengdu High-tech Zone told reporters that more and more young party members added to the epidemic prevention volunteer team.

They choose to use the next time and weekend to get into the front line. Tone in 14 duty points, send materials, investigate and verify, build a point, they use the actual action to wear the epidemic protection net, and win the residents.

(Cover Journalist Yang Jinzhu) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

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