Concentrateing the power of hundreds of millions of people (people’s point of view)

Centennial struggles, the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people’s heart, the same breathing, and a total of life. The party group leads that hundreds of millions of people have created a miracle of the world, this is a century, and the history of the same, the process of unity and struggle, our party has always adhered to the initial heart of the people, using "all for the people" actual action, Some of the strong power of "tightly relying on the people" always have some sounds through time and space, and there are countless people to resonate.

"The revolutionary is not afraid of difficulty, not afraid of death, resolutely sacrifice all of their own interests", Baise Uprising leader, senior general of the China Workers and Agricultural Red Army is unscrupulous, he has said that when the masses are most difficult In the face of the masses, "said the Secretary of the Henan Lankao County Party Committee, Fu Yulu, vomited, and changing the Lantel. With its speaking, even don’t hesitate to pay the life price, the hero model interprets the Chinese Communists to make the people’s happiness.

Centennial struggles, the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people’s heart, the same breathing, and a total of life. In the universal battle, more than 3 million first secretary and residential cadres have struggled to get righteous and unsatisfied with the broad masses of the people, and overcome all the final fortress in deep poverty-stricken areas; Under the central government, the party members were in front, "the epidemic is not retreating, we don’t refund", the people of the whole country want to think, to make the rugged line of exhibition of the epidemic prevention and control.

The party group led hundreds of millions of people to create a miracle of the world of Humble Book, this is a century, and the history of co-suffering, unity and struggle.

From the bloody battle of the Long March, the anti-Japanese smoke, the development of the exploration, the reform of the reform, the party and the people’s storms, life and death, always keep the flesh and blood, thus condense the pound of hundreds of millions of people, is the successful password of the Chinese Communist Party.

Any great cause must be successful, and must find the foundation from the people, from the people’s agglomeration power, and is completed by the people.

The people of the people are the small wooden boats in the battle of the river. They have drawn a great victory of history; the great oil of the people is the "small shovel" dug, and the hooded hat is in the Pacific; the people’s greatness, The "Red Handprint" pressed in Xiaogang Village, opened the historical curtain of rural reform; the people’s greatness, the vitality of the new era, posted a lot of people who have been born, dreams come true … One is fixed In the history of history, there is no certificate: the party’s foundation in the people, blood in the people, and power in the people.

"The people are the biggest air of our party’s ruling", winning the people’s trust, get people support, the party can overcome any difficulties, and can be unhappy. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "The people are Jiangshan, Communist Party to play Jiangshan, guarding Jiangshan, is a people’s heart, for the people to live a good day.

"Why is our party to" arouse the workers millions "in the years of war, why can we fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the people when completing the arduous tasks? It is because our party has always adhered to the people’s happiness. At the beginning, the actual actions of "all for the people" have gathered the power of "tightly relying on the people".

The so-called "lover, people constant love".

Adhere to the people-centered development thoughts, constantly satisfy the people’s needs of the people, to maximize fighting, maximum range cohesive force.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "A person is also good, a political party is also good, the most rare is to have a vicissitudes and is not changed, and it is full of wind." Our party must always stand in the most broad masses, we must persist in the masses. Route, vigorously promote the fine style of the masses. At that time, the Soviet Union creepers, wearing a sly smashing shoes, self-taking a meal to go to the public, and got the people from the inner trust and support. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, "Tiger", "shooting fly", and eight provisions have been successful for a long time. It is also to keep the party’s advanced nature and purity, and maintain the party’s flesh and blood.

Implementing the mass lines to all activities of the governing country, relying on the people, creating historical great industries, can make our party’s foundations forever.

Born for the people, because of the people, always struggle with the people, for the people’s interests, is the fundamental starting point and foothold of our party and the party. Always adhere to the people, rely on the people, constantly benefiting the people, robbing the people, stunning the people of hundreds of millions of people, going forward, we can constantly move from victory to new victories.

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