17 Americans including children are kidnapped in Haiti

  Many sources were disclosed in US media on the 16th, a group of American missionaries and their relatives were kidnapped in the Harbor of Haizi, Haita, including several children. A religious group in Ohio, USA, said that many adult men and women related to the group were hijacked by armed gangs after leaving an orphanage of the Prince Hong Kong, and the group was working with the US Embassy in Haiti to discuss how to rescue hostages.

  A source of Haiti Safety Force told the US Cable TV News Net, and the kidnapping personnel included 14 adults and 3 minors. A spokesperson of the US government said in the email sent to the media, I have known relevant reports. He did not disclose more information. The AFP reported that the armed gang has always controlled the poorest region of Prince Hong Kong for many years, and now the scope of control has expanded to the other regions of the capital and surroundings. Haiti’s kidnapping incident continues to grow this year.

The report released by the United Nations Comprehensive Office in Haiti has shown that 8 months before this year, Haitian police received 328 alarms that were kidnapped, and it was far more than 234 people last year.

  According to the report, political turmoil, gang violence, and deterioration in social and economic conditions, exacerbate the development of Haitian humanitarian situation. [Xinhua Micro "(responsibly: Dai Xiaoyu, Jiang Jie).

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