Agricultural Development Qinggang County Branch puts 8 million yuan loan to support the construction of water livelihood project

The People’s Network Harbin On October 8th, the Qinggang County Branch puts 8 million small micro enterprises loans to a water supply company. It is used to replace residents’ tap water intelligent remote water meter, change the traditional payment model of residents, so that the residents are not enough.The fee can be paid to the expense of the house, which greatly facilitates the lives of the masses.It is reported that since the study and education of party history, the bank has taken the initiative to enhance the political station, with "I have practical activities for the masses", and focus on the masses "urgent expensive" and solve the masses.

After knowing that a water supply company intends to carry out the second water supply transformation of Qinggang City, after the need for funds to replace the intelligent remote water lapse, the person in charge actively put the door to the door, understand the production and operation of the company and the demand for funding, and assigneratively advocate the company.Help companies complete the loan credit application, complete the credit approval with the shortest time, and have been highly praised and recognized by the company.(Wang Ying, Fan Dan) (Editor: Li Jiahui, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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