Changsha County’s first river long-system theme park is open

People’s Daily Network Changsha December 9 On December 8th, the warmth of the winter, walked into the Changsha County Qingshan Town Rehabilitation Town, the Qing Honghu River long-made theme park, which can be seen where a series of striking propaganda slogans.

Beautiful environment and perfect facilities make the park a good place to walk in local residents and leisure. In 2021 Changsha City’s "Beautiful Happiness River" construction project, Qingshan Town put more than 100 million yuan, demolished the original Qing Honghu Cultural Park Old Facilities, in the new ecological shield, children At the same time, there are also a humanistic landscape such as sandports, landscape platforms, and a hydrophilic platform, and the river night scene, the river is rings along the landscape, and the surrounding environment is remedied. Only 40 days, let the Qing Honghu Cultural Park are new. In order to further improve the color and taste of Qingshan Town, polish the national rural governance demonstration town, Qing Honghu River long-system theme park, the process of promotional columns, comics, cultural walls, etc., let the villagers in the process of recreation In the middle, further understanding of the origin, background, implementation of the river long system, etc. And the awareness of water protection. "I have always heard that the river is long system, but the specific content is unclear.

"Li Di, who lives in Qingshan Shop Community, smiled," Now there is a river long-system theme park, even the grandson of my elementary school knows what is the long system, while playing in the park, I can learn something, indeed good! "These are only a minority of the" river long system "in Qingshan Town.

Next, the town will continue to combine "I do practical things for the people", increase the "river long system" work propaganda, strengthen the implementation of daily work, strengthen the work of all departments, let "one Jiang Bi Water wear the town" becomes a big beauty The beautiful scenery of Qingshan will never fade.

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