Adhere to the consciousness of the China National Community as the main line to do a good job of national work, "Building a beautiful and happy Tibet, a total of great rejuvenation dreams"

On the morning of October 30th, Wang Jun, secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region, came to the ethnic ancient city, inspected the national unity and progress, safeguarding the work of people’s livelihood, cultural tourism industry, cultural protection, grassroots social governance, etc. This is Wang Junzhong, who is in the Yutong Street, Tongkang Community, is intimately communicating with all kinds of residents, in detail the creation of national unity and their production life.

Reporter Dan Xinde took the 30th morning, Wang Jun, secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region, came to the ethnic ancient city, inspected the national unity and progress, safeguarding the work of people’s livelihood, cultural tourism industry, cultural protection, grassroots social governance, etc.

Outstore Ancient City has been more than 1300 years of history, one of the first batch of national historical and cultural cities. Wang Junzheng examined the Jokhang Temple, visited Tang Tang, who stands outside the temple. He said that the Chinese culture is profound, and the Han Tibet exchange source is long.

The ancient city carries and highlights the history of the Millennium Communication Exchange in the Millennium Transportation of Tibetan Han Dynasty. It is that Tibet is a history of China’s indispensable part of China.

All religious places in the whole district must carry forward the fine traditions of patriotism, and do more people to benefit the country, and do more people to promote the exchange of all ethnic groups. In the maintenance of the reunification of the motherland, promote the new contribution of Changzhi Longan. To dig well, inherit, tell the vivid story of the Chinese nation to unite a family, guide the people of the people from history, cultivate the awareness of the Chinese nation. Wang Jun is walking to the Baoca Sang Sangkang Community Guamang Sanquan, the Xia Sashi community, walks into the House of Tibetan Shop, with the Tibetan, Han and Hui residents here, and understand the nation in detail Unite progress creation and their production life.

Wang Junzheng said that a community of a community is united, and the vivid scene of living in the homing industry is the real portrayal of the Chinese nation. If each cell has built a national unity and advanced demonstration community, a national united progressive area is built in the region. He hopes that everyone will keep in mind the "like pomegranate seeds as tight", and build a good mutually embedish social structure and community environment, harmony, watch help, and make the national unity and progress. . He has strictly enforced epidemic prevention work, and the people must have a taste of people, and the service is in management, consolidating the current epidemic prevention and control results.

At the Qing government, the ministers of the ministers, Wang Junzheng watched the exhibition carefully and listened carefully to the staff explanation. Wang Junzheng pointed out that all relevant departments should further discover the cultural relics, improve the exhibition show, and vigorously promote the historical facts of the intersection of all ethnic groups since ancient times, guide the people of all ethnic groups deeply realize that the Chinese nation is a fate community, condense the strength of unity and work, Building a Socialist Modernization New Tibet. In the survey, Wang Junzheng emphasized that General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered a series of important speech during Tibet’s investigation research, made important instructions, fully reflecting the high attention to Tibet work, full of deep feelings of Tibet people, is doing good relationships The important follows of Tibet work. At present, the new journey of comprehensively building socialist modern countries has opened, Tibet’s development has also stood in the new historical starting point. The whole district must further enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", "two Maintenance, continuously enhance political judgment, political understanding, political execution, and unswervingly walk with the Chinese Communist Party, firmly move the socialist road to Chinese characteristics, play the powerful strength of national unity, to achieve the second hundred years of struggle Falun. It is necessary to cultivate the consciousness of the Chinese nation. Adhere to the education and socialist core value education, patriotism education, anti-split struggle education, and new and old Tibet, the view, the nation, the cultural view, and the combination of religious concept education, further guiding The people of all ethnic groups listen to the party Chinese, feel the party, and let the Chinese national community consciously conscious of the depths of the soul, and maximize the hearts of the people, and aggregate. Strengthening the exchange of national exchanges and exchanges, and continuously enhance the identity of all ethnic groups to the great motherland, the Chinese nation, the Chinese culture, the Chinese Communist Party, and the socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Adhere to the rule of law, in-depth learning and publicity, and comprehensively implement the "Regulations on the Creating Region of the Tibet Autonomous Region National Unity Progress Survey Area", fully promote the national unity and progressive career, and become a national unity progressive area. To protect the history and culture.

I deeply understand the outstanding traditional culture of all ethnic groups is the part of Chinese culture. The Chinese culture is the backbone. The culture of all ethnic groups is branches and leaves, and they can be branched.

Pay attention to historical and cultural protection and inheritance, adhere to the priority, pay attention to rational use, promote the development of innovation, let Tibet’s excellent traditional culture, let Tibetan culture has always been deeply rooted in the Chinese civilized fertile soil, condense the spiritual power of Tibetan national unity .

Increase the development of tourism and cultural development, innovate cultural tourism products, improve the hard conditions of tourism services, improve tourism service levels, and do the strong Tibetan cultural tourism industry.

Be adhered to safeguarding and improving people’s livelihood.

Complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept, service and integration into the new development pattern, keeping around national unity and people’s livelihood, promoting economic development, promoting social progress, and enhancing the well-being of all ethnic groups.

Focus on the people’s livelihood issues, do a good job of people’s livelihood, and make a piece of implementation, let the people’s acquisition is more conventional, and the happiness is more sustainable, and the sense of security is more secure.

Solidly carry out practical things to study the party history, always put the people at the highest position in the heart, from solving people, from the people’s demand, from the intention of consumption, solve the problems of the masses with your heart.

It is necessary to strengthen grassroots social governance. The construction of the grassroots level, and earnestly built the grassroots party organization a consciousness of the Chinese nation, leading the masses to get rich, maintain social stability, guarding the territory of the frontier, and maintains the unified battle of the motherland. Strengthen the construction of the team, strive to build a unity of unintended cadres, and make a good practitioner, promoters and defenders in the practitioners of the Chinese national community consciousness. Always the police clock, be vigilant, always tighten the string, symptoms, synthesis, integrated policy, effectively consolidate social stability, continuously promote social governance system and governance ability modernization, put various unstable factors in intangible, system It did not send it.

Fully implement the basic principles of party religious work, protect legitimate, stop illegal, curb extreme, resist penetration, combating crimes, and manage religious matters according to law, and actively guide Tibetan Buddhism and socialist society. Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, Director of the Autonomous Region, the Secretary of the Lhasa Municipal Party Committee, Yan Jinhai, the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, and the Secretary-General Liu Jiang accompanied. (Zhao Shubin Zhang Li Li) (Editor: Own Zhuo Zhao, Wu Yuren) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.

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