Bank of China Tianjin Branch held the "Forever and Party Walk" Music Party Course

  On April 22, the China Bank Tianjin Branch was held, and the "Walking" Theme Music Party in the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra is open in the Bank of China, the party committee members, total auditors and party members and cadres at all levels, Tianjin 100-year brand alliance Business representatives were invited to attend.

  As the "self-selected action" of the branch party history, this event innovatively adopts the "explanation + symptoms" party new model, combined with the vivid explanation of the host and the singer, causing each one. The audience is strongly resoned.

With the wonderful song, moving melody, music party class vividly showed the party’s struggle and great achievements, art showed the party’s glorious tradition and good style, guiding the party members and cadres to draw spiritual nutrition, inheriting red gene, giving up strength . A "Hongqi", "Hongqi" opened the curtain of the music party class, and the music party class was divided into "Building the Party Weiyai, the opening of the earth", "Founding the Foundation of China", "Reform and Opening and opening up", "Building a Dream, the great revival" four chapters. In order to presented the audience "Dongfanghong" "Dongfanghong" "My Motherland" "Today is your birthday, my China" "In the field of hope" "The story in the spring" "We are on the road" "I don’t forget the joy "Waiting for a wonderful program.

  Listening to history, feel the initiative.

The heated melody has been returning to the mind in every audience. Party members and cadres, said that they will firmly grasp the requirements of the party history, and persist in learning the history of history, the history of history, the history of history, the history of the history, especially the party history and education and promote the development of all-line management and internal construction. The deep integration of key work, and effectively transform the results of learning education into drums, boost spirit, and attacking hard.

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