China-Non-enterprises strengthen mobile payment cooperation (international viewpoint)

  Core reading in recent years, mobile payment business has become increasingly rapid in Africa, and China’s technology and experience are favored.

China and African companies continue to strengthen cooperation, improve mobile payment systems, provide more convenient financial services to local people, and promote digital economic development in African countries.With the digital technology, the digital financial services have become a rapid economic field of African countries.Data shows that more than 40% of adults are active users paying by Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, and the demand for mobile payment business volume continued to grow rapidly. African enterprises to jointly promote related businesses, high-quality digital innovation for the development of China-Africa cooperation and inject new momentum. Provide mobile payment applications Yila Jie Island is a small island under the Nigerian economic center of Lagos. Here more than 10,000 residents, there is no road through the mainland, thanks to ships travel, the island has no banks or ATMs.

  In early 2020, Chinese financial technology company PalmPay formal operations in Nigeria, mainly in mobile payment services.

POS machines in local businesses as the company launched the first project, welcomed by many people.

Company Yi Lajie Island agents Provincetown Meath, said: "Better PalmPay mobile payment transaction stability, fast service speed, boat people no longer have to go to a downtown bank business." Central Bank of Nigeria data show that Nigeria’s population of about million real-name bank account has more than 40 million bank card holders of the number of users is small.

Currently, more than 95% of the line under Nigeria dining and retail transactions done by cash. PalmPay launched by the local mobile phone software, providing electronic payment to individual users, remittance, mobile phone recharge, water, electricity and cable television and other convenience payment services, to provide online payment business, the line POS acquiring services, mutual transfers between users PalmPay no fee will be charged.

It makes people truly enjoy a more convenient financial services. Local residents Yahya said: "In the past always ready to go out a lot of cash, but also long lines to withdraw money.

Now many occasions to use mobile payment, let us save a lot of time and effort.

"At present, PalmPay has become one of Africa’s fastest-growing user base of mobile payment applications, the monthly turnover of more than $ 100 million.

From the beginning of 2021 so far, PalmPay has been ranked first in mobile applications downloads related to finance and economics in Africa, it is the largest installed capacity of mobile payment applications. Technical support to strengthen the mobile phone business this year, 24-year-old Kenyan youth Watt years, I still remember in high school, his father began to use the phone "mobile wallet" (M-Pesa) function to send money home.

"Mobile Wallet" is a project in Kenya’s largest mobile communications operator Sa Fenrui developed in cooperation with local banks, mobile phone text messages can be used to achieve deposit and withdrawal services.

  After graduating from college, enter Sa Fenrui Watt in the company’s M-Pesa sector. This business after several years of rapid development, the number of users is now more than 15 million, but the technical background overwhelmed.

Chinese company Huawei was invited to participate in cooperation projects, we have sent hundreds of people in the technical team, with local mobile operator M-PesaG2 develop test systems, system capacity from the past to support 15 million users upgrade to support more than 20 million.

Watt says, "the new ‘mobile wallet’ more stable and efficient, stores also increased, the mother in the home is open canteen signed households." According to Kenya’s central bank data show that the development of electronic commerce and the move to mobile payments in cash, on 2021 six months, the Kenyan mobile payments amounting to Ken trillion shillings (1 US dollar equals 111 Ken shillings), an increase of 52% over the same period last year, an increase of the number of registered mobile money accounts to 67.8 million, an increase of%.

Under the joint efforts of Chinese and African enterprises, M-Pesa service has become the most widely used is willing to domestic mobile payment platform, with more than 28.31 million active customers.

The project also expanded to more than 10 countries Tanzania, Mozambique, Lesotho, Congo (DRC), Ghana, Africa has become well-known brands. "Chinese enterprises to participate in and support the construction of science and technology to accelerate the ecosystem of Africa.

"South Africa" Africa Project "Digital media agency co-founder Eric Olander said that good cooperation in non-communications companies show that Africa has great potential for the digital development of financial services. Financial services enhance service levels in recent years, China and more financial technology companies to enter the African market.

Micro letter as early as November 2015 in South Africa on the line "micro-letters wallet." South Africa’s Standard Bank in cooperation with the micro-channel, users can make transfers, payments and other operations. Huawei in 2017 reached an agreement with the relevant cross-border remittance platform, providing international money transfer services Huawei mobile phone users in Africa. Recently, the South African mobile operator Vodafone subsidiary Vodacom cooperation with Chinese enterprises to launch a product called Super App "VodaPay" can be used to bind the account from any bank, to provide customers with mobile payment, online shopping and loans and other services.

  "How to promote mobile payment services, financial services enhance service levels, and how to promote employment, improve people’s livelihood, it is the focus of our research.

"PalmPay co-founder Wang Xiaojun, said the company in accordance with local African user needs, and constantly adjust their business content. For example, the data show earlier this year, there is an account number for multiple phones using prepaid phenomenon PalmPay users. To help users reduce the operational steps to avoid errors caused by the wrong number to recharge, the company in March this year launched a family account registration function, on-line one month alone, more than 30,000 users. Samu Ba Senegalese economist, said the public face of the rapid growth in Africa mobile communications and financial services needs of Chinese financial technology company pioneering efforts made commendable.

He said African countries to develop consumer market is very uneven, Chinese enterprises in Africa needed depending on the circumstances, the implementation of technological innovations and business solutions that meet the needs of local realities. The African Union Infrastructure and Energy Affairs Commissioner Abu – Zeid Al-Amani said that Africa look forward to strengthening cooperation with China digital economy, boost interoperability and promote economic integration in Africa.

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