Beijing held an innovation investment forum at Taiwan

  This newspaper Taipei Electric (Reporter Wang Lianwei, Jiangli) was jointly hosted by the Beijing Taiwan-funded Enterprise Association and the Taiwan Industrial and Commerce Association, and the "2017 Board Innovation Innovation Investment Forum" undertaken by Beijing Vision is held on June 2nd. According to reports, this forum attracted nearly 200 school student participation in the innovation investment in cross-strait.

  Zhang Qi, president of the Beijing Taiwan-funded Enterprise Association, said that the two-strait Innovation Investment Forum shows that through innovative investment, it has become a top economic growth, which has become an urgentity, and how to accelerate both sides of the strait and integrate the integration of each other, and we will work together. Target.

Yong Yongan, the general manager of Zhongguancun Leading Space, said that in the past few years, it seemed to have a new day, in terms of scientific and technological innovation in these years. This special trip is returned, I hope to use the experience of smart cities, the Internet, cloud computing, etc. through the forum, and jointly promote cooperation between the two sides of the relevant fields. Participants believe that from this hot support of the Forum, everyone is full of close cooperation on both sides of innovation investment. Only with open mindset innovation, seek cooperation, and innovate may have results.

In cooperation, in Taiwan’s talents, technology combined with the market, funds, jointly build two-strait innovative ecosystem, which is undoubtedly the best effort. (Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

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