China’s residential embassy illegitaid media training article: It is China’s territory, we will not give up

The Chinese Embassy in France took note of the "World News" on September 15 "View" section published some of the articles of some Members and scholars "" EU should support Taiwan. " The view is biased, and the facts are serious. First, the article questioned China to destroy the policy of "peaceful unity, one country,".

"Peaceful unity, one country, two systems" is the basic policy of China’s government to solve Taiwan problems. "Peaceful Unity" is the goal, "a country, two systems" is a method and means. In 1979, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress issued the "Taiwan compatriots", announced that Taiwan’s return to the motherland and realizes the national unified policies. The mainland will also introduce "31" "26" Hui Tower measures to fully demonstrate goodwill. For decades, the mainland has become the largest source of Taiwan’s trade surplus, and is also the area in Taiwan’s largest export market and Taiwanese investment.

However, the Ministry of Public Progressive Party refused to recognize the "Nine-two Consensus" that reflects a Chinese principle, unilaterally destroying the political foundation of the relationship between cross-strait relations, trying to turn "peaceful unity" to "peace division".

We are willing to strive to strive for peaceful and unified sincerity, because of peaceful way to achieve unity, the most beneficial for both strands and all nations.

But we have never promised to give up the use of force, this is targeted that external forces interference and very few "Taiwan independence" split molecules and their split activities. In fact, trying to change the status quo is the Democratic Government. Accuse the Chinese government to change the existing policies and facts of seriousness. "One Country, two systems" concept is Deng Xiaoping first proposed, earliest to solve the Taiwan problem, first in Hong Kong.

China’s central government in line with the utmost good faith, requires the HKSAR to implement the "one country two systems" principle in accordance with the Basic Law, the implementation of "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy. But 23 years since reunification, "Hong Kong independence" organizations and local militant separatists in support of foreign anti-China forces, under the banner of democracy and freedom, violence against the Basic Law, undermine national sovereignty and unity, trying to split off Hong Kong, I would like to Hong Kong introduced the "color revolutions" to mainland China as a "bridgehead." This is the essence of Hong Kong-related issues.

Some Westerners accused the Hong Kong national security laws would undermine the "one country two systems" and Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, damage the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents.

Chinese Embassy in France has repeatedly issued a statement to introduce the situation, elaborated the principled position. In fact, the Chinese central government to develop national security laws in Hong Kong Hong Kong national security is to fill loopholes in the law.

Hong Kong’s national security law aimed at secession, subversion of state power, the crime of terrorism, foreign or foreign forces colluded with four categories of harm offenses against national security. These are not part of the scope of the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents.

The world will not allow citizens to have the right and freedom to engage in these four acts.

China, as a sovereign state, the power to enact national security laws to cover its territory. Development and implementation of national security laws in Hong Kong, there is no destruction "one country two systems", but in favor of "one country two systems" line stability Zhiyuan. Some people worry that Hong Kong law would harm national security interests of investors.

This fear unnecessarily. Hong Kong’s national security law does not involve the commercial sector investment, it does not affect Hong Kong’s investment environment and the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong. In contrast, the national security laws in Hong Kong, Hong Kong will have a more complete legal system, a more stable social order, and create a more secure business environment for foreign investors. Article referred to "the people of Taiwan exclusion of ‘one country two systems’ is."

In fact, the Chinese government has always hoped accordance with the "one country two systems" principle to solve the Taiwan issue.

This reflects the maximum goodwill to the people of Taiwan.

Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan authorities to incite people against the "one country two systems", whose real purpose is to engage in "Taiwan independence", was kidnapped by the public for personal political gain, to serve American strategic interests to the detriment of the interests of the Chinese nation, ultimately harm the interests of the Taiwan people. Just think, not to "one country two systems", do not want "one country, one system" it? Second, the article accused, "the Communist Party of China claimed to be the representative of China, to develop their own borders, to decide what areas belong to China."

People’s Republic of China is a country under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

UN Resolution 2758 explicitly states: "The representatives of the Government of People’s Republic of China is the sole legitimate representative of China in the United Nations Organization." This is the provisions of international law. The European Parliamentarians, academics openly challenged the United Nations resolutions, which do not meet their identity.

Third, the article claimed that "the PLA escalating military operations in neighboring Taiwan," which is groundless accusations. Taiwan is Chinese territory.

China carried out within its own territory, territorial waters, airspace military exercise, the exercise of the sovereign right of countries, no person shall make irresponsible remarks. In fact, when it comes to military escalation, should be accused of an extraterritorial powers, it is the banner of "freedom of navigation" under the banner frequently send ships and planes to the South China Sea provocative trouble, creating tension, a show of force by the large-scale joint military exercises, even openly broke into his country’s territorial waters.

According to statistics, only the first half of this year, the military aircraft extraterritorial powers into the South China Sea over the activities of nearly 3,000 sorties.

If these MEPs want the auspices of international justice scholars, critics condemn this should go extraterritorial powers.

Fourth, the article that "Europe should not take revisionist strategy, to support the status quo.

But because of China’s recent actions seriously undermined the status quo, Europe should adjust the policy on the Taiwan issue. "

This is a hypocritical approach.

As the beginning of this article says, China’s Taiwan policy has never changed. If Europe wants to change its Taiwan policy, do not take China as an excuse. Change the status quo is not the Chinese government, but the DPP authorities. If European countries listened to the recommendations of these scholars of European Parliamentarians change its Taiwan policy, develop official relations with Taiwan, it will seriously undermine China’s sovereignty and undermine its "one China" commitment, will inevitably lead to serious consequences. Fifth, the paper also touted the achievements of the fight against SARS in Taiwan, calling it "the performance of ‘national’ one of the best in the world."

First of all, Taiwan is not a "state" just one China "province."

Secondly, to say the Chinese provinces in the fight against new crown pneumonia outbreak during the performance of Taiwan can not really be regarded as a top student. Take a Taiwan and Fujian Province across the sea to make a comparison. As of September 13, has a population of 23.78 million Taiwan, confirmed 499 cases, 7 deaths per million people infected persons, deaths per million people; has a population of 38.56 million, Fujian Province, confirmed 390 cases, 1 death cases per million people infected persons, deaths per million people. Sixth, as for last, said, "European countries should clearly tell the Chinese, if the Chinese move in the direction of using force to resolve, will face serious risks, especially the European democracies would not bow to its ‘authoritarian’, with its cut political and economic links. "

Not long ago, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Taiwan condemned the acts of the Czech Senate, the European media and politicians this exclaimed, "Chinese foreign ministers of European countries have been threatened."

Well, the article above statements are not bigger threat? We would like to reiterate that the Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity and unwavering determination. Is China’s territory, we do not give up an inch; not the Chinese territory, we do not have an inch.

Any threat can stop the pace of the Chinese nation to achieve national unity! (Editor: Xu Xiangli, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

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