Daily excuses threatens to increase missile scales

  According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese Defense Provincial Plan has expanded its current new cruise missile range to 1,000 kilometers to build a strategic deterrentibility of surrounding countries. Recently, Japan continued to emphasize the construction of the so-called "attacking ability to enemies". This research and development new cruise missiles are actually providing weapons and equipment support for building the capacity. According to the "Nikkei Asia Comments" magazine website report, the new cruise missile in Japan is developing is an upgraded version of the 12-style anti-ship missile. It is developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and is expected to invest about 100 billion yen (1 yen. RMB). Japanese Defense Automatic Savings began to develop the land-based type of the missile, which is expected to begin testing the maneuble prototypes used in ships and fighters in fiscal year.

The land-based missile will complete the technical and application tests before fiscal year, used for the model of the ship and fighter, will be tested in fiscal year and 2028 fiscal year. Most of the missiles currently deployed in Japan belong to tactical missiles, and the maximum range is not more than 500 kilometers.

According to reports, the current competition in the Asia-Pacific missile is increasingly fierce, and the existing missile range of North Korea has exceeded 1000 kilometers; in May this year, the United States lifted the South Korean ballistic missile scales required less than 800 kilometers; Russia will deploy new high supercapital in 2022. missile.

In this context, the short-range missiles of Japan’s current equipment have not been able to meet the needs of reality, and we need to further "strengthen our national defense power."

  Analysts pointed out that relying on the so-called external threat to the rendering of the speculation, it is a customary routine in Japan from the military security field.

  In recent years, the United States has continuously relaxed the restrictions on Japan’s development offensive weapons in the US strategic layout, and supports Japanese development military power.

The United States is not intended with the Japanese government to seek complete "loose", and Japan will continue to force in weapons and equipment. Constantly circularly faced the "missile threat" for public opinion, proposing the so-called "attacking ability to attack the enemy base", trying to build remote strategic offensive capabilities and the first-happening ability.

The new cruise missile research and development plan can provide weapon support for the "enemy base attack capabilities".

  Previously, the United States was interested in deploying a mid-range missile in Japan, strengthening its strategic deterrence in the Asia-Pacific region, and failed to be implemented by the surrounding countries. This Japan announced the development of a new cruise missile, which makes it all of the US expectations, and it can take "private goods" to armed themselves from central. However, once the future, once the new cruise missile is deployed, it means it will push itself to the forefront of Asia-Pacific strategy competition, become the preferred objective of strategic blow.

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