Changning’s first "zero-violations" is created in this way …

Timely discovery of "tenth" in a timely manner, each corner of the community, the Ren Henghe Binchen Neighborhood Committee started the brain, fully launched the leader, the driving role of the volunteers, and timely resolved contradiction disputes, and creating a joint participation of illegal buildings In a good atmosphere, guide residents to participate, supervise each other, and create a better home. "At the beginning, some residents did not understand and cooperate, but seeing the overall environment of the community is getting more and more beautiful, the residents have a sense of goodness, and the feelings are getting stronger and stronger. Their attitude is also quietly changing ….. "The relevant person in charge of the residential area of ??Ren Henghe City said, as of September, the key type stocks in the community illegally build clear and zero, new illegal buildings" zero growth ", achieved" zero complaints, zero-access, zero strong demolition ", The residential environment and the security environment of the residential area have been further optimized and improved. In fact, from the discussion of the on-site viewing chair, Changning Street Town has passed the excellent, and the selection of many residents (units) have the basic conditions for "zero-illegal" committee (units) ".

This is benefited from the regional dismantling office to create standards to the marketer, in accordance with the order of the first difficulty, and strengthen the on-site research and supervision, and prepare for priority docking culture.

For all-round, three-dimensional, no dynamic supervision of new illegal construction behaviors in the jurisdiction; closely supervise the rectification, strictly implement the "closed loop" management of normalization … As of now, Changning this year’s total dismantles illegal buildings 176 Position, square meter; new illegal construction is removed from 35, square meters, maintain dynamic "zero growth", "no illegal advanced street town" re-evaluation all in the safety range, no wet sickness. In the exploration, it is officially blown with the "Zero Violations Neighborhood Committee" to create a "zero-illegal construction party" creation work. "Zero Violations Committee" The number will be more and more in Changning. (Source: Shanghai Changning) (Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

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