Bijie: "Online" + "Offline" Integrity Education to Help Cadres

A few days ago, the Bijie Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission went deep into the seven-star Zone, Qunxi City, etc. Rectification, the implementation of the style of reorganization, improve the performance, and speed up the development. Since October This year, the Bijie Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has arranged deployment around the city’s cadres and education. He has supervised responsibilities, tightening the political station, inspected inspection and rectification, and environmental inspector feedback. According to the learning education, self-examination and self-correction, effective evaluation, deepen the education of integrity, normal supervision and inspection, serious accountability, supervise the transformation style, promote the implementation, promote development, and ensure the major decision deployment and provincial party committee of the Party Central Committee The municipal party committee works to defend the effect. The city promotes the effective carrier of "three people" as an integrity education, and fully uses Bijie City Party Work Integrity Education Exhibition Hall, the party’s communications and organ website, WeChat public account, "online" to carry out integrity education, guide Party members, cadres lead the advanced typical as leading, with negative typical as mirrors, building a prison to defensive ideological and moral lines.

Up to now, there are groups of "one hand" and discipline inspection and supervision cadres at all levels of the city, and the layered classification organizations will watch 11965 people in the city to watch the party style and clean government education exhibition. Involution, publish 2 review and survey information, 2 party members and cadres actively explain the issues.

Take the model of "vennel counties, group management departments, room owners, strengthen supervision", produce self-investigation and self-checking questions, the city county and township discipline committees, the city, the county and Township Committee Duration supervision, etc., accurate portraits "put pulse", cut the disease "consultation", cross the disease "treatment", hit the work tips, "Question Package", List of List, Help all Party Organizations Treatment is removed from the style of style. "We combine the requirements of the party history to study the problem, take the ‘quad-never two straight’ methods, deeply enter the grassroots-line research supervision, let the cadres go, put the problem float." Bijie Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Comrade introduction, the problem of supervision and inspection discovery is fully uploaded, and feedback to the corresponding inspection and rectification of the unit party organization, ensuring that the problem piece is implemented, and everything has echo. It is understood that the city’s discipline inspection and supervision organs are currently carrying out more than 1418 units to supervise and inspect 750, and there are 11 prompt letters, and 135 rectification issues are urged, and the agent service is promoted, and there are more than 500 practical things such as business workers.

In order to press the "two responsibilities" to ensure that the wind is reorganized, "attacking the battle", the Bijie War ", the Bijie City Commission for Discipline Inspection, also improved the" class "collaborative linkage handling mechanism, the three-party advantage complementary, limited time to do the problem of petition, high efficiency Disposal of the problem clues, adhere to the "one case double check" and responsibility to check, with strict responsibility investigation and strong shock effects to force the wind and improve, to promote strong supervision The loitch, solidly promoted the party’s work style and clean government construction and cadres’ education and finishing the way to see the effect, providing a strong discipline style guarantee for the "14th Five-Year Plan".

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