Chengdu flexible employee can pay the housing provident fund

  On July 16, the Chengdu Provident Fund Center held a press conference to announce the "Measures for the Administration of Flexible Employers in Chengdu" to participate in the pilot management of the housing provident fund system. Flexible employees such as full-time staff, new employment, etc., can participate in the deposit of housing provident fund.

  At present, there are nearly 3 million unique employees in Chengdu, which was batch one of the first 4 pilot cities this year. The reporter learned from the meeting that different from the "mandatory" deposit, flexible employees can choose whether to participate in the deposit according to their own needs, the flexible employees with demand can participate in the deposit of the contribution agreement with the provident fund center; In the unit, "must pay on time on time", flexible employment payment, no time, amount, pen, etc. Extract flexible and convenient, as long as it is stored for 12 months of funds, all extractions are handled by line. In order to encourage flexible employees to participate in the housing provident fund system, "Administrative Measures" proposed to give flexible employees additional subsidies in addition to the housing provident fund storage rate stipulated by the State.

The payment of the funds in the payment account is over 1 year, and the% -1% payment subsidies are given each year.

The amount of each deposited person to enjoy the subsidy is no more than 10,000 yuan.

The specific subsidy standard is announced by the provident fund center. The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Provident Fund Center introduced that the maximum loan quota for flexible payment of the provident fund is the same as the unit deposit, the current single of 400,000 yuan, two people and above 700,000 yuan.

The flexible payment of the spouse in the unit deposit system, the amount of the applying for loans is calculated according to the rules, and the total is not more than 700,000 yuan.

(Wang Yu reporter Ray).

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