China Huadian Huadian Power Company Limited, Qingdao red education base

Huadian Power Company Limited, Qingdao, Shandong, birthplace of electricity, from 1903 lamp factory in Qingdao body, in 1935 the first 15MW units put into operation, and now as the heating area exceeded 30 million square meters of large-scale combined heat and power businesses, through war baptism of fire, after the market test of the wave, with hundreds of carrier pioneering innovation, paved the power companies guardian of the bright road of development.

This is a record of the history of the old era of humiliation, undone, scroll shadow of New China and power industry development. In the span of colonial rule, Sino-Japanese War, the liberation war, the new Chinese construction, reform and opening time, the green electricity generation to generation people with loyalty and dedication of the cast and forge ahead the road business. The party’s development and growth, in the era before the line Zhiyuan. Genetic heritage red, green electricity in the way of exploration over the thorns and challenges, always full of strength to forge ahead, nourish the vitality of this piece of land of the red, root, evergreen. Base exhibit is divided into three sections: one eventful years. The main content is in Qingdao has become a German colony, was occupied by Japan after World War I, Unfortunate years by the Northern Government’s management, the management of Qingdao plant a few changes of hands, by understanding the liberation of Qingdao plant can bear in mind the history of the war years the ups and downs. Second, the red gene.

The main content is on the eve of the liberation of the Quartet powerhouse secret underground party development under the direct leadership of the Qingdao Municipal pro-democracy group, to carry out the red welcome the liberation of the story of the victory of "protection of plant movement", is the development and review of Qingdao local party organizations play an important historical role .

Third, boosting era.

After the founding of New China to the 1990s, the Qingdao Power Plant uphold the party’s leadership, establish a new system, repair old, from during the "First Five" to introduce Czech crew join the new Chinese large industrial development, uphold the "people together, remove the mountain." " industry learn from Daqing "and other traditional red, vigorously pursued technological innovation, expanded several times until 1970, became the country’s second biggest business stories of the power plant in Shandong province, is to understand the new China lively classroom power development. Base construction in line with the "seven have" criteria: First, the development process of the Qingdao Power Plant, through the baptism of fire of war, has experienced undone tests, witnessed the new China’s power industry from small to large and from weak to strong development Road, thermal power industry, "Big Brother", is also an important livelihood pillar of Qingdao, in the course of its development to fully review remember history, has a strong sense of patriotism education. The second is the perfect base management, company-owned Huadian Qingdao practices in place by the most senior management certification CEC, red base management systems, safety equipment and base facilities maintenance. Third, Huadian Qingdao is located in Qingdao city, one of the few cities in the domestic power plants, high-speed rail station 15 minutes’ drive away, convenient transportation, accommodation and other conditions base located in the corporate offices, convenient transportation, independent venues open, and with can accommodate nearly 300 people in the conference room, 5-minute drive from the base, Qingdao City History Museum, can be arranged to visit Qingdao, a comprehensive understanding of local history. Fourth, both historical documentary base, but also the story of the projector and screen looping video story red, while a reading exchange area, you can get full three-dimensional red education. Fifth, a comprehensive base for the exhibit pictures, objects, sand table, video and other forms of picture has a very high historical value, multiple images to be adopted in various exhibitions in Qingdao City, "protect the factory movement" red story, touching stories underground party members deep. Sixth, part-time team to explain the depth of the base of the exhibition understanding, can adjust the content according to visitors to explain the actual situation, to ensure that every visitor can access to knowledge and education by visiting.

Seven is the base for many times to undertake public open day, members of the public to visit the community, pupils and students patriotic education and other activities, the annual reception of more than 2,000 people.

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