Centennial struggle is clean (thought horror)

Centennial Struggle, Ji Jin (Thought) Cao Ping 2021 February 09 08:40 Source: This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. From the establishment of the party’s opening, to the development of the new China, to the earth-shaking place to reform and open, the party and the national undertakings have achieved historical achievements since the 18th National Congress of the party, and historical changes have, and our party has always adheres to the Chinese people. The initiative and mission of the Chinese nation.

Expand a hundred years of magnificent paintings, making unremitting struggles for the people in a bright color; look forward to the hard work, the wind and rain, the thorns, and the junior calendar. From a party that only dozens of people has a world’s largest party with more than 91 million party members, we have come all the way, our party has encountered countless difficulties, the wind and the wind, but can always unite the hundreds of millions of people to live and die, the wind and rain are in the same boat, from the danger Four, advance in frustration. In order to change the situation of the people, the Chinese Communists went to success, and the blood was fighting; Ok, the Chinese Communists open up, and innovate.

Do not make private pools, do not count, I am. The Chinese Communists have the realm of the night in the night, the public, and dare to fight, be good at fighting the courage, defeating all difficulties and risks, because of the deep root of the people, everything for the people.

  With your heart, you will be self-printed.

Jinggangshan’s red rice, nourishes the fire of the revolution; the people’s cart, launched the victory of Huaihai Battle; the handprint of Xiaogang Village, witness the hardships of the party and the people; Shenzhen from small fishing villages became an international metropolis, is the people Dry, the first to control new crown pneumonia epidemic, and take the lead in recovering production, take the lead in achieving economic growth, relying on a strong people’s defense … "The Communist Party did not use what magic, they only know the change of the people, and they Support these changes. " For a long time, many people explore the success of the Communist Party of China, the conclusion of American reporters Bai Xunde and Jia Anna have drawn in 1946, which can still give people a profound revelation today.

  In the past 100 years, our party has never stopped for the footsteps of the people’s better life. From "The people’s growing material culture needs" to "the people grow a better life need", with economic and social development, our party science analyzes people’s appeals, focusing on people’s comprehensive development, social progress, and make a better meeting better The struggle for the need.

Our party is going to work together, strive to transform the development achievement to the people’s acquisition, happiness, safe sense, and translate into the people to see the benefits of the people.

  The initial heart will not naturally prepare, the advanced nature and purity of the Marxist party will not be naturally maintained over time. How to ensure that the initial heart is never fading, is so weak? Our party has introduced and develop Marxist theory, adhere to the ideology, theoretical strong party, and continuously promote the self-revolution, and continuously inject the connotation of the era of the era, we provide rich nutrients. From the revolutionary period, Yan’an, the "unforgettable, retention, remember mission" theme education, the initiality of the majority of party members got a tempering in a secondary education, and incentive in the history. Our party adheres to the comprehensiveness of the party and hinders the party’s roots, hinders the party’s cause, and resolves all the revolutionary spirit, resolutely removes the advancement of all weakened party, and damages the party’s purity factors, resolute Cut all of all the toxicoma in the body of the party. In self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, self-improvement, our party is more conscious and more firm to the initiative of the mission.

  The mind is a thousand autumn, it is precisely a hundred years.

Entering the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, open a new journey of building socialist modernization, the mission, the task is arduous.

The more it is in a critical period, the more you have to make the party’s leadership more strong and powerful. The more you want to wake yourself with a strong sense of worries, spur yourself, and the more tried the struggle of hardships.

The 100-year-old party that is always the initial heart, united the 14 billion people will will create new glories in the new journey.

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